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By Wandera Abel | Wandera-Abel. | 14 Aug 2020


Africa needs an independent organisation tasked with combating drug trafficking and distribution within African states. Drug traffickers have now infiltrated and nuetralized most police organizations of some countries that their activities go "unnoticed"!

For years now drugs like Marijuana, cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines(meth), Ecstasy, other control substances have been trafficked across the continent.

Drugs have wasted a good number of youth in urban centers of various countries and therefore action should be taken at an international level.

Due to high levels of poverty among African police officers and agencies in place tasked with fighting against drug trafficking and associated evils, they have all been greatly compromised rendered them useless before the scourge of drug trafficking and drug abuse!

What are the side effects associated with drug abuse? These stimulants increase levels of dopamine, a brain chemical that can create feelings of euphoria.

Most effects of drugs are similar and are likely to cause serious health effects, including:






➡️Racing heart

➡️High blood pressure

➡️Chest pain

➡️Panic attacks


➡️Kidney failure

➡️Increased heart rate

➡️High blood pressure

➡️Increased body temperature

➡️Stomach pain, nausea

➡️Loss of appetite, malnourishment

➡️Heart damage and heart attack



➡️Loss of smell, nosebleeds, and problems swallowing

➡️Higher risk of HIV and hepatitis C due to sharing needles or other drug equipment

➡️When used during pregnancy it can cause spontaneous abortion, low birth weight, birth defects, and a baby born addicted to the drug

Because we need to scale down the advanced effects of drug traffickers and their drugs have on our people especially the youth, we badly need a multinational agency since traffickers also have already multinational contacts of various police forces in various countries. Action taken at a higher level reduces vulnerability to corruption and infiltration.


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