Wanchain: polkadot integration.

Wanchain Guide: Cross-chain Polkadot transfers (Testnet)

By ZooKeeper | Wanchain | 14 Jul 2021

1. Overview

This guide uses Polkadot’s Westend testnet which uses a native token called WND. WND can be transferred cross-chain Westend to Wanchain’s testnet. The mapped token is called wanWND.

2. Supported WanBridges

At present, there are multiple WanBridges that support cross-chain transfers of WND including Polkadot (Westend), Wanchain (testnet) and Ethereum (Rinkeby).

3. Preparation

a) Install the Polkadot Wallet Chrome extension: polkadot{.js} extension

URL: https://polkadot.js.org/extension/

After installation, the default address format (Substrate) is the Westend address.

b) Install WanMask

WanMask URL: http://wanmask.io/

c) Get test WND tokens

Apply for an account and enter the Westend Faucet Chatroom.

URL: https://app.element.io/#/room/#westend_faucet:matrix.org

Post idrip <WESTEND_ADDRESS> in the chat box.

d) Other necessary tools

Westend Explorer: https://westend.subscan.io/

Wanchain testnet explorer: https://testnet.wanscan.org/

wanWND smart contract address: 0xaFEC1dBD8DB90398cC710D3cb8006a08F5828696

In order to check the balance of wanWND, you can add wanWND in WanMask as a custom token.

4. Cross-chain transfer WND using WanBridge Web

Note: the following illustrates the procedures to move WND from Westend to Wanchain (testnet) and back.

4.1 Polkadot testnet -> Wanchain testnet

Go to WanBridge Web testnet website: https://bridge-testnet.wanchain.org/#/assets/


Select WND and the chain pair PolkaTestnet<->Wanchain. Click convert.


Connect the Chrome extension of Polkadot wallet to WanBridge Web testnet. The From address is the Westend address from your Polkadot wallet. The To address is the Wanchain testnet address. Enter the quantity of WND that you want to transfer.


Be sure to select the Storeman Group with the name dev_***


Click Confirm to enter the conversion information page. Double check the transaction information.


Click Start.


Sign the transaction using the Polkadot wallet.


Wait for the cross-chain transaction to complete. Once completed, the status will change to Completed. You can always check a transaction’s progress by clicking the bell.


4.2 Wanchain testnet -> Polkadot testnet

The procedure is quite similar to Polkadot testnet -> Wanchain testnet.

Initiate a WND cross-chain transaction in WanBridge Web testnet. Connect your WanMask.

Switch the cross-chain direction to Wanchain ->Polkadot. Fill in the relevant parameters and choose dev_*** as Storeman Group.


Click Confirm, Start, and sign the transaction using WanMask.

Wait until the transaction completes.

5. Cross-chain transaction Status types

Processing: After a user confirms a transaction, the Status is listed as Processing.

Converting In Progress: When WanBridge receives user TxHash, the status changes to Convert In Progress.

Completed: Once the Storeman Group successfully generates the mapped tokens to the address of the target chain.

About Wanchain

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