Recap of Wanchain's ZooKeeper AMA on Kriptobi

Recap of Wanchain's ZooKeeper AMA on Kriptobi

By Wanchainer | Wanchain | 10 Jul 2021

Here is a recap of the AMA we did on the Kriptobi channel for the people who missed it.


Could you explain the concept of your platform?

Zookeeper provides a dual farming experience while embracing the popular crypto trend of NFTs. The project complements another existing Wanchain Dapp: Wanswap (; thus greatly augmenting liquidity. However, Zookeeper has its own utility token ($ZOO) distributed as farming rewards to Wanswap Liquidity Providers (LPs), who stake their WSLP (Wan Swap Liquidity Provider tokens).

Upon launch, we had 7 farming pools with double farming rewards (ZOO and WASP), including:

  • WAN/wanETH
  • wanUSDT/WAN
  • wanUSDT/wanUSDC
  • WAN/wanXRP
  • wanBTC/WAN

We also added the first ‘dual farming rewards pool’ with our own asset, ZOO/WASP, enabling users to profit more by doubling their rewards as they play. At this moment, the APY in this pool is around 300%. You can check out all the APYs over here: and be amazed.

Also, among our incredible community, we have a lot of Turkish members. You can check this tutorial video made by Ali, one of our Turkish community members:

What are the key points that really set your project apart compared to the NFT sphere?

We have a real use case for NFTs: NFT ‘boost cards’ are available on ZooKeeper. This unique ability in the crypto market will allow each user to both reduce the locktime and increase rewards in their farming pools. All NFTs have a possibility to be used or sold in the market section. Selling NFT’s can be done in several cryptocurrencies available on ZooKeeper.

The expedition page displays multiple ways to spend or stake ZOO tokens to obtain an NFT through a “Chest”. There are two types of chests: Gold and Silver. No matter how you manage to obtain it, a gold chest will always contain an NFT Booster. A silver chest, however, will have a 1 in 10 chance of winning an NFT Booster.

The option to purchase chests is self-explanatory. You can buy one with your ZOO tokens or… you can go on an expedition! You can obtain an NFT Booster by locking up your ZOO tokens for a set amount of time: 2 Days, 15 Days, or 30 Days. The good thing is: after the expedition ends, you get your ZOO tokens back.

The Zoo that is used to buy chests is burned, at the moment that’s already almost 500K, 330 Golden chests, and 575 Silver chests have been opened, a total of 442 NFTs have been unlocked. The highest selling NFT on the Market was the ‘Essence of Caffeine Extract’, which sold for a whopping 30K WAN (approximately 53K USDT)!

What roles do Wanchain and Wanswap play?

Wanchain is the blockchain on which we decided to build our project. Most of our team members have been part of Wanchain community for years. We know the multiple advantages that building on Wanchain offers (extremely low fees, cross-chain capabilities, DeFi friendly, fast transactions, NFT compatibility, etc). We are also very close to the core team of Wanchain. They have been supporting us since we started working on the ZooKeeper project.

As for, it is a decentralized cross-chain DEX. It is another community project built on Wanchain, and on which half of our team is involved. Wanswap is the platform we are using for liquidity providing. Users can provide liquidity on a Wanswap pool, then they get WSLP tokens (Wanswap Liquidity Pool Tokens), that they can use on ZooKeeper to start their dual farming to earn $WASP (wanswap governance token) + $ZOO (Zookeeper utility and governance token).

Who is behind ZooKeeper?

We call ourselves “rock stars of the Wanchain community”. Since the very beginning of Wanchain we have been involved in this wonderful project. Gradually we got to know each other better and started thinking about how we could give the Wanchain ecosystem an extra boost. A few creative souls then came up with the ZooKeeper concept, which fits perfectly within the technical possibilities that Wanchain offers.

We are with about ten core members who each have their own specialties: Developing, UI, marketing, community management… So ZooKeeper is really a community project. Our community is really fantastic. They also have a say in the works of the project, that’s why there is a “governance model,” where proposals can be launched, votes can be taken… You can check it out over here: . If you want to be part of our community, please join us on Telegram: .

What about security? Have you been audited?

We understand that security is one of the most important factors for the users of our platform and investors. We are very much aware of recent hacks that shocked the crypto sphere. Because of this, we have taken the following measures:
- The Wanchain team has pre-audited our code prior to the launch of the platform.
- Our community moderators are aware of scams and remain vigilant on our telegram channel. We always advise our users to use hardware wallets and never interact with people that write to them and pretend to be from the zookeeper team.
- A third party audit is currently being conducted by the Haechi team (
Haechi is a known security services provider and has collaborated with renowned companies and crypto foundations including the Ethereum foundation. The perimeter of the audit is to identify any security vulnerabilities and test how our core operates. We expect to release audit results in May and are closely working with the audit team.

Can you tell a bit more about the next phases?

Well, we have many features to release in the upcoming weeks and months, I will start with the safari pools. With the safari pools, you can stake your ZOO and earn rewards (available from the 21st of May) This exciting concept will offer an additional use case for the ZOO token. You can stake your ZOO and earn more ZOO (permanent pool) or another asset (voted on by the community, once every 4 weeks). There will be 2 active pools at all times, there is no limit to how much tokens are staked and no lockup times. More info on this here:

Another cool thing is the ‘Zoorena’:
This gambling feature will soon be introduced in ZooKeeper. It involves two clans fighting against each other. After entering the fight and paying the entry fee, each participant will be able to choose which clan they want to side for, add NFT to increase winning chances, and have a chance to win the “Jackpot” if his selected clan wins. There will also be some side events happening and all users will be given the possibility of betting on their predictions and earn silver/gold chests as well as lottery tickets to increase their chances for the final jackpot!

Crafting will also be implemented, it will provide a mechanism to be able to combine 2 NFTs to create one. An example of this would be 2 x Apples (2 x 1 stars) = 1 x Apple Juice (1 x 2 star). This will be possible up to a maximum of 4 levels (One Star, Two Star, Three Star, and Max).

Also, we have new farming pools:
New dual farming pools will also be launched in the near future. The latest Wanchain release instant cross will play an important role in this!

And the Global NFT market:
“Utility Token Phase” — Global NFT market, users can create their own NFTs and their own collections; users will be able to trade these and create their own store with ZooKeeper (more info TBA).

Twitter questions

Could you give us an overview of the tokens? How the token will be distributed and when TGE? Will there be a burn buy-back plan to maintain the supply?

ZooKeeper concluded that it would be a better decision to use a dynamic market cap and supply as its tokenomics model due to the use of boost, burn, and locktime mechanisms within its farming environment. Since we don’t know upfront how many boosts and burns there will be, it has to be dynamic. We have a detailed document on this on our Medium and docs page.

There will be no buy-back plan since the tokens are burned instantly when someone buys a gold or silver chest. More info on this:

Would you agree with EVERYONE that community is everything? How important is the community to you? How can we collaborate or help you to develop the project?

ZooKeeper was built by Wanchain community members. We definitely understand how important our community is for the progress and the growth of our project. Therefore, we created a governance model that allows any community member to participate and contribute to the development of the project. Check it out here: and also join us on Telegram: . Btw, one of our valued community members made a short tutorial a few hours ago:

What is your advantage over other projects? Is it from a security point of view or the technology you are using? Or are there other advantages? What makes you believe that your project is worth choosing?

Because we are on Wanchain, we can guarantee that transactions are cheap and fast, the cross-chain element is also a big plus. We have access to bridges to ETH, EOS, BTC, XRP, and soon even more. Also actions like harvesting and staking are extremely cheap.

In comparison, a swap on UniSwap can cost you between 50 and 100$, on WanSwap this costs you between 0.0001 and 0.001$, this also goes for every action like harvesting and staking, or unstaking. Our NFTs have a real use case. When it comes to security Wanchain is very safe. We just answered the question about security for the security aspects.

Questions from Telegram

Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your project without any restrictions?

We are a global project, we believe that Crypto should be available for everyone in the world. That’s why we are a truly decentralized project. It can be used everywhere in the world. Our team is also from around the globe.

When THE BEAR MARKET COMES, WILL your token PROBABLY DUMP. Are you prepared for this bear market? How will you handle the panic of your Investors?

Of course we love a BULL market just like you, but BULL or BEAR, we are ready for our community! Even persons in a bear market can enjoy excellent APYs. For example, we have a pool that only consists of stable coins for example: USDT/USDC with an APY of 48%! I challenge you to find a savings account that yields the same in one year :).

What is the most important feature that distinguishes your project from other projects?

I’d say that our main feature is that we offer NFTs with a real use case. Zookeeper NFTs help you boost rewards and get very high APYs. There are a lot of great features our users benefit from such as the low transaction fees (around 0.0001) and the cross-chain capability, we support ETH, BTC, XRP and many coins to be added in the future. Therefore, we open the DeFi and NFT gates to many isolated communities such as XRP community.

Defi & NFT is very popular now. Can you share Your opinion about Defi & NFT? What makes your NFTs rate and special?

DeFi will become more and more important in Cryptospace. Governments and the traditional economic system are still seeing crypto as a threat, as long as they don’t embrace it they will keep trying to stop it. This will be easier for the centralized part like CEX’s, but it won't be easy to target decentralized finance. Our NFTs already have a use case because of the boosting rewards. Also, NFTs on Ethereum cost a lot to transfer, since they are ERC721, the smart contract options make them even more expensive to transfer than ERC20. On Wanchain this is all very cheap to do.

We know to SURVIVE in tough crypto market conditions is difficult, and we see that many projects are far from the targets. What is Your platform strategy to survive in this long blockchain marathon?

Our team is not out to make quick money on the backs of our community. The fact that many in our team, for example, have been closely involved with Wanchain since the ICO and have remained loyal throughout the long bear market, makes it clear that we are here with a clear goal: to develop projects that can play a significant role in cryptospace in the long run! With us, you should not be afraid that the project will stop working as soon as the market is a bit down. Within our team there is more than enough experience and work ethic to give our best for a very long time! That’s why we don’t just respond to hypes like NFTs, but try to deepen these hypes to real use cases. In addition, we also focus on things that are unseen within the crypto world (think for example of the ZooRena that is coming).

Staking is a great way to hold investors and rewards user. Does this project support staking?

Yes, our project supports staking in many different features. In addition to $ZOO staked in liquidity pools. We also have expedition staking (to get NFTs as rewards) where around 40% of the current circulating ZOO is staked. We will also release safari pools in May21st. Users will have 2 pools to stake their $ZOO.
-Pool 1: Stake ZOO to get rewards in ZOO
-Pool2: Stake ZOO to get rewards in another token voted by the community

Tell us the top 3 facts why investors should choose your platform?

1. NFTs with real use cases
2. Dual farming with great APY’s
3. Synergy with other DApps in the Wanchain ecosystem, like WanSwap and WanLend (and more to come!)


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Big thanks to the Kriptobi crew. You can follow them on Twitter and join their Telegram.

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