Rare Doge NFT

Rare Doge NFT

By Pcarpenter97 | WallStreetWooks | 23 Apr 2021

61c2fc01efd457a2a74bca2fa33acd7352b8de6456a83082d3f2440f0d26c00f.jpgI have been experimenting making NFTs on Wax . Its fun . Recently I tried making a rare NFT. I took a meme I made and I cooked it into a homemade NFT on Wax atomichub. 

I set the total mint to 7. Minted them and listed them on the market for 4.20 Wax , which at the time of writing this, is 0.66 cents. I sold 2 already (impressive, I know), after it being up for a little over a day. 

One of the two buyers immediately listed it back on the market , but for the price of 420 wax.



No one has bought the one re-listed @ 420 yet of course, but I appreciate the sentiment , and hopefully the other 6 buyers are inspired to do the same. This could be you as there are currently 5 of this NFT left on the market at this link: 

get it while you can get it for less than a dollar : 



If you are new to wax , check out my previous article , in which I explain Wax. 

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