Free Crypto from Brave Browser

Free Crypto from Brave Browser

By Pcarpenter97 | WallStreetWooks | 3 May 2021

46e29afa6d38ce940d2d7a3dd2faad956b3d31f07519d4f5baa56988e74f1bea.pngDo you use the Brave Browser? 
if yes, then you already know the benefits. 

but if you don’t already use the Brave browser and are asking “What ifs Brave browser?”  Then let me explain: 

Brave is an amazing web browser made by the guy that made Mozilla Firefox. 

What makes Brave different from other browsers is this : 

it blocks your ads for you. 
and replaces regular ads with their ads. 

their ads are optional, you can turn on the ad feature or shut it off. 
but youre going to want it on 

because you earn free crypto currency by viewing their ads. And they aren’t intrusive ads either. They are small notifications of black and white text at the bottom of the screen. You can x them out immediately and you still get paid to see them .

You earn Bat tikens for your attention and you can use those tokens to either tip your favorite creators , pay for certain online subscriptions , or cash out to a wallet . 

Make sure that when you download it : have all your settings set correctly to maximize your earnings. Google that for more details. This is important. You want your ads per hour set to the max (5 per hour) and u want auto contribute feature turned OFF. 

happy earnings dawgs. 

If you like tipping monkeys with bananos, my BANANO adress is : 


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