What is the latest cryptocurrency? some currencies release date.

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You can not imagine, when a new cryptocurrency create? It is possible to created at any time.

Some crypto news said that more than 1600 running in internet and also new are growing day bay day (August19,2018) 

We know that Bitcoin is the largest blockchain network followed by Ethereum and Ripple etc.

Some cryptocurrencies release date:

Release       Name              Symbol

2009            Bitcoin             BTC

2011            Litecoin            LTC

2013           Dogecoin          DOGE

2012            Peercoin           PPC

2013            Gridcoin           GRC

2013            Ripple               XRP

2014            Dash                DASH

2014            NEO                  NEO

2014            Mazacoin          MZC

2014            NEM                 XEM

2014            Potcoin             POT

2014            Titcoin               TIT

2014            Stellar              XLM

2015            Ethereum           ETH

2015              Tether             USDT

2016             Zcash              ZEC

2017             Bitcoin cash      BCH



Kazi Tofael
Kazi Tofael

My name is Kazi Tofael Ahmad. I am from Bangladesh and also a student of Automobile engineering. Now I live in Russia.

Voronezh, Beauty and dream
Voronezh, Beauty and dream

Voronezh is a city on the Voronezh River in southwestern Russia. Landscaped Petrovsky Park is home to a bronze statue of Peter I.

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