KYBER NETWORK BULLISH NEWS: Staking rewards will be paid in ETH

KYBER NETWORK BULLISH NEWS: Staking rewards will be paid in ETH

By Vms_Crypto | Vee | 29 Jun 2020

Blockchain project Kyber Network Crystal (KNC) unveils date of its upgrade named 'Katalyst'. In an email announcement on Monday they mentioned the upgrade date of July 7 2020. 

Many technical upgrades will be implemented and the one which is the most eagerly awaited is the upgrade to a proof of stake consensus. Many other staking cryptos pay the interest return in their own native coin. KNC however once upgraded will be like no other staking coin, the rewards will be payed in Ethereum.


ETH is the second largest cryptocurrency by a large margin, any crypto paying ETH as a reward for staking is unique. Not many investors are aware of the coming upgrades of KNC nor have KNC mass advertised on social media (as Zilliqa have) to attract investors or build awareness.

In my opinion due to the unique staking rewards alone KNC is severely undervalued and ETH is also considered undervalued by analysts. If holding one gives you the other, it is undoubtedly a 'win win situation'. Once the masses have caught on with this uniqueness, investors would choose to hold for long term staking among over staking coins thus pushing the price of each coin higher due to shortage of supply.

Please conduct your own independent research before investing in KNC and act according to your findings. If you found this article helpful, follow for more latest posted on a regular basis. 

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