Vitamin Coin Has Listed on ViteX! Giveaway Party Happening Soon

By shuttlecock | Vitamin Coin | 24 Oct 2021

Big news!

VITC is now listed on ViteX, and can be traded via the Vite-VITC trading pair

The Vite-VITC trading pair was listed at 0.0008, and is currently 0.02 at the point of writing. This is big news for the Vitamin Coin team, as it indicates a significant buy demand for VITC. 


This having been said, however, the price of VITC is still fairly volatile. For instance, looking at the exchange, we see that the price has changed a fair bit over the past few hours. 


This is normal -- and to be expected -- for any new cryptocurrency. We expect the trading prices to stabilise over the next few days.

Now let's take a quick look at the order books for VITC. As we know, order books can help us to keep track of the level of interest for a particular tradable instrument (in this case, VITC). It also shows us the market depth of VITC.


As we can see, there is already a healthy amount of orders that have been placed. People have set orders with the expectation to buy/sell more than a few hundred thousand VITC. At this point, we can also see that there is a small sell wall being formed at 0.0299999, and another bigger sell wall at 0.06. This indicates that many people are trying to sell their VITC at these prices, and that the resistance level may be formed around this price point. On the other hand, we can also see buy walls building up at 0.005 and 0.004. This indicates that eventually support for the price of VITC may be found around this point. 

How to buy on Vite wallet app

Here's a quick guide on how you can make the purchase on the Vite wallet app.

1. Transfer your Vite from your main wallet to your trading wallet. 

2. Click the trading button, and select the VITC-000/VITE trading pair. 

3. Set your buy order (minimum 50 Vite)



Discord Giveaway Party

To celebrate the listing of VITC, the Vitamin Coin team is holding a party on its Discord server. During this party, the team will be distributing a total of 1000 Vite and 100,000 VITC, over a series of games and trivia quizzes. The details of the party are as follows:

Date: 24 October 2021 (Sunday) 

Time: 14:00 UTC 

Once you have joined the VITC Discord server, the Vitamin Coin team and community will be there to help you orientate yourself. So don't worry if you're new to Discord. Be sure not to miss it!


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