App that rewards users when listening to music

App that rewards users when listening to music

By Virtual | Virtual | 18 Jun 2020

Perhaps this App does not bring a greater novelty when it comes to an App that provides music online, since there are countless other well-known Apps. But, in addition to being a kind of library with a collection that contains hundreds of online radio stations with the most varied musical styles, this App also provides the possibility to reward its users for the use, with points that are accumulated and that when they reach a certain amount can be exchanged for certain products and gift cards, including a Paypal gift card, with a minimum of 7,950 points accumulated, withdrawal is now possible.


Other points can also be earned in this App not only listening to music through the various online radio stations offered, but also the App offers other tasks and market research of platforms known as a way for the user to obtain points. There is also the possibility that the App will soon adopt the option to withdraw your points obtained through Bitcoin, something that is very interesting for us, fans of cryptocurrencies.


Anyway, an App that can be interesting for those who like to habitually listen to music, whether at home, going to the gym, walking, running, or anytime music should be part of it. And the interesting thing is that this App has an extensive collection of online radios with the most varied musical styles, being a way to obtain, from an online source, passive financial dividends and still having something profitable to the ears. Here is the link to the App and preferably it is good to go through a smartphone because the link should direct directly to the App Store or Play Store, and just register and start using this fantastic App.

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