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By Vaman75 | Virgin Flair | 18 Jun 2020


Man, I dreamt of the day when I click on one of my wallets and see one of the coins I have, went 4000% increase in a day! That would be the day I retire and never be heard from again.

Unfortunately, even if it was to happen, I don't think it will be to one of the coins I am hodling as this is my luck with cryptos, the ones I hodl don't ever move in green and the ones I sold or don't have are the ones that keep increasing like the next Bitcoin, until I decide to buy some then it immediately reverse into red.

Is this the same with you? Don't it always seem to be the case? You don't have enough to keep investing with the hype and new coins on the block, so you look at your dead coins, the ones that don't move at all for months into year. I am talking about you DGB! Had over 20,000 and it never went anywhere close to 0.006 as soon as I sold in 1 month I watched as it climbed to 0.028. 

I see a new coin almost everyday in the space and wonder how easy it must be. If hackers are taking billions each year from wallets, then what do you call those that create a new coin each day? They give it a value, of which no one can fully explain how they come up with the numbers, hype it as the next Bitcoin and boom, your average Me takes the bait. By the time you know it those guys have made a few millions and you are left with the Shytcoins that has no value. I mean how many coins in the top 200 are at 90% from it's ATH? I swear I have never even heard of some. Can you imagine some people buying Eth when it was $1400?

Talk about biggest roadblock for crypto adoption and I see the following:

1. Ease of use- let's see how the geniuses get the poor illiterate who cannot afford a smart phone to use cryptos for their everyday use.

2. Security- when you can get an illiterate to remember his 12, 15 or even 24 seeds to his account that would be the day.

3. What's with 5000 different coins and 5000 different exchanges and wallets? The day when you can get 1 wallet that can store all your Cryptos and satisfy all your needs would be the game changer.

So like anything else, cryptos is still where the rich gets richer and the poor well don't know how they can get any poorer!

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