My top 5 in Altcoins

By Vaman75 | Virgin Flair | 19 Apr 2020

So it seems as if the trend recently is on people's top 5 Altcoins and I decided to join in with mine too.

The choice is purely opinionated and you are welcome to criticize, comment or make your own.

My list is based on coins that I do believe is serving a purpose and will be around when all is said and done during crypto worldwide adoption.

I am not going to go into any analysis of my choice as if the reader agrees or want to find out more, they can do so right here or with a Google search.

My list is :

1. Cardano- ADA

2. Loopring-LRC

3. Cosmos- Atom

4. Kava

5. Digibyte- DGB

Let me know what you think guys and any coins not on your list kindly share which it is and why.

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Virgin Flair
Virgin Flair

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