VIGOR: A Borrow, Lend and Save Crypto Community

VIGOR: A Borrow, Lend and Save Crypto Community

Bringing to light the massive potential of decentralized finance by unlocking the true power of blockchain technology, Vigor is much more than a digital asset that maintains a stable value by using a mathematical engineered model that prevents many instabilities that plague the current DeFi marketplace. With Vigor the future of Defi is here.  It’s time to reDEFIne finance once and for all as the world understands it.

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Jimmy D [ l l Trybe.One]
Jimmy D [ l l Trybe.One]

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.

Vigor DAC and Stablecoin
Vigor DAC and Stablecoin

Posts from the team regarding the Vigor DAC and Vigor DeFi Protocol built on EOS

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