Rising Together to Change the Tide of Finance Forever: Happy Anniversary Vigor DAC & Protocol!!

Rising Together to Change the Tide of Finance Forever: Happy Anniversary Vigor DAC & Protocol!!

Well, it’s official.  The Vigor DAC has finally turned 1.

Although we are not officially live as of yet, there is a lot to celebrate, most of which is unique to Vigor in both the DeFi and EOS space.

First off, Vigor is a DAC, or Decentralized Autonomous Community.  In other words Vigor has come about as a project by the people for the people.  In a way it DeFi’s the scope of not only traditional finance, but also the takes from and builds upon the best parts of the decentralized finance movement with some notable improvements.

Being a community incentive from the start, we thought what better way to give our anniversary update than hearing directly from some of the many that have been working quietly behind the scenes to get the Vigor DAC and Protocol off to a running start.  So with further ado, here are some thoughts by some of our DAC members on what the Vigor DAC and Vigor Protocol means to them.

“Every century or so our financial landscape needs a significant evolution to better serve our World. 

The Vigor DAC and it’s Protocol are making advances in financial engineering more accessible to everyone at greatly reduced costs. 

Borrowing the words of C.W.Barron, former President of Dow Jones and owner of the Wall Street Journal from some 106 years ago, “Where formally the word was ‘centralization’ today the rule and the law is ‘decentralization’.”

The Vigor Protocol and Vigor DAC represent our 21st century decentralization of finance away from its enclave on Wall Street and into the hands of the many for the revitalizing economic benefit of us all.” DougWeisberg 

“The power of the Vigor DAC can only fully be understood by witnessing the DAC in action.  Anyone can join and contribute the skills they possess.  With zero funding from the start, the Vigor DAC has amassed over 150 custodian candidates with skill sets ranging from smart contract development, web development, marketing, multi-lingual support, governance, and other skills that have progressed the Vigor Protocol to where it is today.” RobatHodlEOS

“Vigor at it’s core is Decentralized finance, which is built by gathering Community members from different regions.

I am proud of  that a true distributed concept that is not intervened in any centrality is being created, and that I can be together as a custodian of VIGOR Protocol.”

Vigor Protocol is called “Defi 3.o”- Market price discovery and on-chain risk & compliance, Truly Multi-collateral, Low Friction Bailouts, Final Reserve!” Max_Cho

In Andrew Bryan’s words: The traditional financial system can’t support the innovations that are happening, and the trust system needs an upgrade. Vigor is a DAC completely built on trust and transparency, unleashing the massive power behind community based efforts. I believe Vigor is laying a new foundation on top of which all decentralized finance platforms will be built, and it’s so amazing to be part of this decentralized finance revolution.

I believe alone we can do so little, together we can do so much, so I do my part and help anyway I can. I help coordinate the Vigor Group Quiz and Games on the Telegram group, and the community has been amazing, I am very happy to be a part of the vigor team.Robert @ The Explorer

“Well to me, the power of Vigor comes from its core, the Decentralized Autonomous Community. Which is such a powerful concept in itself. People from all over the world working together to manifest this vision we all share , to “reDeFine decentralized finance”.  It’s that shared vision which is the real power that Vigor is harnessing. Blockchain has enabled mankind with the ability to “be our own bank”. Then smart contracts enabled the next evolution of decentralized finance. Now we are about to launch into the next epoch of DeFi, 3.0. The Vigor protocol is so powerful because it’s the first of its kind,  truly decentralized platform built in a transparent way by a DAC.  There is a powerful feeling that comes with knowing you are building something novel and totally revolutionary. I am thankful to be a part of it.” Bonz Manifest

“Trade is one of the core human needs, from the barter of the farm stock, to today’s global supply chains, humans keep innovating.  Limitations to this trade goal have furnished human innovation since memorable times. We, the crypto brethren, believe that current centralized national reserve platforms are stopping this innovation.

Vigor DAC wants to use the best of what the new blockchain technology brings, to develop a stable global payment token that is decentralized and able to transact in high enough volumes for worldwide adoption.” Corts

“The world is transitioning and the financial system is broken. Centralization of monetary policy and power is an obvious disaster. Vigor utilizes the strength and commitment of many dedicated individuals who are elected to serve the DAC according to their strengths.

That makes it more decentralized, flexible, and trusted, which is sorely needed in many parts of the world. Vigor users will enjoy managing their finances and watching their money work for them. 

There is a digital revolution taking place. Not in the shadows, or in some foreign country but all over the world and right here in your backyard.” eoswatchdogs 


*Image by Jerusalem Trinidad

As you can see from just a few of the many involved in the project, Vigor offers something different for us all.  Within it’s unique decentralized protocol is underlying vision of a better world through decentralized finance while at the same time recognizing the power of all that make the second hand tick towards continual movement of the minutes all culminating in the top of the hour.

At this point a variety of the DAC members working on various ideas and protocols from product design and updates, governance, legal compliance and government structures, media and marketing, education and outreach, and overall DAC and protocol structures towards collectively brining about a better tomorrow for all those who care to be involved.  Add to this the true power of a decentralized community in all respects transcending both languages and boarders and you can truly see we are only at the beginning of something truly special.

As the works of the DAC members and broader community have continually progressed from development to product launch, new candidates old and new alike have risen up the ranks of custodianship with the skills needed for the next stage of maturity empowering the DAC and overall vision of the Vigor Protocol.  As we prepare to launch the vigor protocol for the official public launch, it’s clear that the combined efforts of all involved within the foundations of our many working groups have succeeded in a monumental accomplishment towards reDeFining the future of what finance could and should be. 

Growing from humble beginnings of just a few with a vision for the betterment of us all, the Vigor DAC and community has come to encompass 200+ candidates from all walks of skills and life, a global network of a variety of languages and community support including but not limited to English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Italian, French, Indonesian, and German, as well 1200+ members already on the main telegram channel and countless others on the sublanguage channels.  And bear in mind this is only the beginning – just image where we will be at the top of the hour with the official launch of culmination of all the efforts by the DAC members thus far.

And despite how close we are to going live, where we are in this journey has all to do with what the community who have risen to the challenge have stepped up to become.  Embedded within it’s very heart, Vigor DAC is a community committed for any able and willing to be part of something profound in the way finance is done and DeFi is organized,  Anyone can contribute to the success of Vigor, and we are always looking to expand our network to incorporate those with the ambition and abilities to further our mission towards the betterment for the whole.  So if this sounds like something that resonates with you, seek us out in the channels below, join the Vigor DAC, help us Build, and Get Rewarded!  

Vigor DAC and Protocol, built by the vigorous at heart.  The future of DeFi collectively reDeFined once and for all!

*Video composition by mblucrypto

To learn more about the Vigor DAC & Protocol check out our homepage at Vigor.ai

To see our very talented list of DeFi entrepreneurs and/or to add your name and talents to the list, check the Vigor DAC and client site at https://dac.vigor.ai/

To read up on what's been happening with all the progress we have made in the last year and our stance of what the DeFi revolution should be, check us out on Everipedia at Vigor Protocol & DAC, Trybe.One, EOS Writer, and Twitter or get in touch with the Vigor community on Telegram.

You can also see our official documentation at https://docs.vigor.ai/docs/usr-get-start.html and check out Vigor stats at https://stats.vigor.ai/d/aHTjcofWz/vigor-v1-9-home?orgId=1

And for those of you that are new to Vigor and not quite sure where to begin, here are some links to get you up to speed and upon your way to become vigorously enlightened on the the future of what DeFi could and should be…

  And if all that doesn’t have you excited enough, don’t forget, the one year anniversary is just the beginning as before you know it we will be live and the revolution will truly and irreversibly be underway!


*Article written and composed on behalf of the Vigor DAC and Protocol by Jimmy D (kansaikrypto)

Jimmy D [Upliftnation.io l Vigor.ai ]
Jimmy D [Upliftnation.io l Vigor.ai ]

Philosopher, historian, educator, permaculturalist, writer, and crypto/blockchain enthusiast.

Vigor DAC and Protocol
Vigor DAC and Protocol

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