Introduction to Y-5 Token - The Ultimate Reflection and Passive Income Token
Y-5 Token

Introduction to Y-5 Token - The Ultimate Reflection and Passive Income Token

By VickersOnSite | Vickers Crypto | 14 Dec 2021


Post updated with new Reflecto reflections and Discord Link.


Recently, I wrote a post titled "Introduction to Reflecto Token ($REFLECTO)" where I shared a token I personally invest in as a passive income vehicle due to the multi-chain reflections.  

Thanks to the Reflecto Discord, I have found another token that promises to take reflections to the next level.  Y-5 Token.  

Pre-sale of Y-5 Token is scheduled for December 28, 2021 at 18:00 UTC with launch planned for December 29, 2021.  Y-5 Token is offering opportunities to win a whitelist space through a series of tasks - 500 winners in all. 

What makes this token unique are the multi-level reflections it offers.  At launch, Y-5 Token will offer reflections via 5 pre-set tokens:

  • Reflecto
  • Evergrow
  • Cryptic
  • Rematic
  • BUSD

According to the roadmap, sometime in Q2 2022, holders will be able to chose their reflection tokens from any on the Binance Smart Chain.

Here is where it gets interesting.  Reflecto, Evergrow, Crypter, and Rematic also offer reflections...  Here is the breakdown:



Each token has a rewards dashboard that can be used to track reflections.


Personally I am looking forward to the launch of this token and hoping to get whitelisted for the pre-sale.  

Join us in the Official Y-5 Finance Discord.

Do Your Own Research!

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