Why I Invested In Stellar Lumens (XLM) 😉

Why I Invested In Stellar Lumens (XLM) 😉

By valuevision | valuevision | 1 May 2020

Stellar - Creating a common value network


Stellar wants to create a global network - a single, shared network of value transfer. Stellar gives everyone access to the financial system, even those without a bank.

Approximately 2 billion people are unbanked. These people will benefit. But also banks will benefit, because Stellar will be used to make cross-border payments more efficient.

In order to create a efficient economy and a efficient finance system, you have to have a common (unified) network.

Using the Stellar network you can send and receive all kinds of assets - including Stablecoins, CBDC's and tokenized assets. Stellar is fast and comes with low transaction fees. There is no mining process (eco friendly).


IBM World Wire uses the Stellar protocol







I invested in XLM, because i can see a clear and important use case. The Stellar network is getting used already and provides a lot of advantages for people, the economy and the environment.

You can now store, send and receive your XLM using Ledger Live!




I am very exited about Stellar Lumens. I think it has a bright future. What do you think?









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