Unstoppable Domains! I Just Bought My Own Crypto Domain 😎

Unstoppable Domains! I Just Bought My Own Crypto Domain 😎

By valuevision | valuevision | 6 Jul 2020

One Adress For All Your Cryptocurrencies


With https://unstoppabledomains.com/ you can replace your crypto wallet adresses with a human readable name.

For example my domain name is:


You can attach your BTC,LTC,ETH,XRP... etc. adresses to your domain. So, if someone wants to pay you in crypto, they just need to know your domain adress.

No matter if they send LTC, ETH, or XRP - it will arrive in the correct wallet.


This is huge and make things so much easier!


Launch your own decentralized Website/Blog


...which will be uploaded to IPFS. This Website/Blog will be uncencorable.



For example, here is mine : valuevision.crypto

You can also buy several domains (as an investment) and sell them later. Crypto domains works with Trust Wallet, Coinomi, Atomic Wallet, Edge and a lot of other wallets. 

Opera Browser for Android already supports the new crypto domains. So people can visit your decentralized Website/Blog by typing in the domain adress in the searchbar.

You have to pay 40$ to get your own domain.

Use my link and get 10$ off:


Thanks for reading!


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