The Value of Real-World Problem Solvers

The Value of Real-World Problem Solvers

By valuevision | valuevision | 12 Mar 2020

PoS systems incentives miners and mining equipment producers only.

You buy it and then you hodl it. You do nothing with it. You store it on your Ledger and wait for price to increase. Traders make some profit on it. I think BTC can be a store of value - but besides that - it don't solves many problems. Only a minority benefits and it actually comes with a lot of problems.

PoS systems incentives stakeholders only.

You stake a certain amount of it and you get a reward. You do nothing with it. You store it in a wallet and wait for your reward (interest). Besides that, it can solve some problems in form of smart contracts - for those who are involved in a smart contract. Only a minority benefits.


Real-World Problem Solver like XRP and BAT benefits the MAJORITY.

They solve real problems for us as a whole. The value of these assets goes beyond price. They are providing real long term value.



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