New In My Portfolio : Zilliqa & Nano 💶

New In My Portfolio : Zilliqa & Nano 💶

By valuevision | valuevision | 12 Jul 2020

1. Nano

Nano is pretty unique.

Nano is feeless. That means, there is no inflation. All Coins are already distributed. It's probably the fastest cryptocurrency with a transaction speed of 0,5 seconds.

It has a fixed total supply of 133M.



Currently, Nano is down 97% from it's ATH (~$33). If Nano hit ATH again, you would make a +3000% gain.

Visit the Nano Website


2. Zilliqa

Zilliqa is a high-troughput Blockchain.

Zilliqa has integrated a technology called "sharding". Sharding brings linear scalability to Zilliqa. It can handle thousands of transactions per second.

More nodes on the network = more shards = more transactions per second.

Zilliqa has an amazing team, a fixed total supply and great use cases (Advertisement,Security Tokens,DeFi,Payments).

It focuses on high troughput and security.



Currently, Zilliqa is down 92% from it's ATH (~0,20$). It looks pretty strong. Zil is up 312% YTD.

If it hit ATH again, you would make a +900% gain.

Visit the Zilliqa Website


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