Crypto will rise like a phoenix from this crisis 🕚
Crypto will rise like a phoenix from this crisis 🕚

By valuevision | valuevision | 28 Mar 2020

  • We have a economy crisis - the globalization fails right now:

The supply chain is interrupted. People stay at home and don't work. Many will lose their jobs. Many companies are ruined.

  • The economy crisis will lead to a financial crisis:

People and companies can't pay their loans back. Government print billions of fiat money, pump it into the market to save their economies. They just print money - this will lead to inflation.

This means we have a currency crisis.

All of this will lead to a collapse of society. Nothing will be the same. Now the tables are turning. We enter into a period of freedom. A new beginning.

Crytpo will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of this crisis. Scarce assets like Bitcoin will win, because there is only 21 million of them. Bitcoin is a ultra-hard from of money. From 2024 on, Bitcoin will be as hard as gold. Many other digital assets providing solutions in this crisis.

Let's build a world of real and true value. The current system devalues us as humans. We have to worship the mammon and sacrifice our dignity, because companies want to maximize their profit.

The whole society ends up in a race to the bottom.

Let's put ourselves in the center of value creation. We all should profit. Not only the 1%.


Crypto Fan from Germany, born in 1989.


Value goes beyond price 😁

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