Building a world of value 💎
Building a world of value 💎

By valuevision | valuevision | 29 Mar 2020

I'm investing in crypto since mid 2019 and i never sell any position. I'm not a trader. I'm not looking for short term profit. I buy and hodl. This is a long term game. 

Investing in crypto is the best way for me to escape the fiat system. I buy Bitcoin at 5k and i buy it at 12k. I don't care.

I mainly invest in Bitcoin (The King), Ethereum (The Mother of all Altcoins) and XRP (The Bridge). Most of the money will flood into these coins. They have the best chance of adoption.

It's clear, that we have a value crisis and the fiat money system will collapse soon. China is about to deploy it's CBDC (backed by gold). As soon as this happens, all the other fiat currencies will collapse.

Maybe we should value crypto in ounces of gold - instead of dollars and euros. For sure - if hyperinflation hits - Bitcoin can be worth 10$ million.

In hyperinflation you can buy a piece of bread for this sum.

If there isn't crypto, i would probably invest in gold. But crypto seems to be a easier way for me.

I hope we all can build a world of value, replacing a world of debt.

Now is the time, the tables are turning!


Crypto Fan from Germany, born in 1989.


Value goes beyond price 😁

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