BTC • ETH • XRP - The Holy Crypto Trinity
BTC • ETH • XRP - The Holy Crypto Trinity

By valuevision | valuevision | 10 Apr 2020

Bitcoin: Digital Gold

Limited to 21 million


Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency with a current marketcap of $127 B. That's about 7 times bigger than the marketcap of Ethereum.

Did you know, that Bitcoin was the best performing asset of the decade? 



Ethereum: Money Of The Internet

Access the decentralized finance system


Ethereum has build a huge ecosystem with dozens of decentralized applications. Ethereum is a new financial system, which is decentralized and open for everyone. 



XRP: The High Speed Value Transfer Network

Move value around the globe with the speed of light


With the XRP Ledger you can send and receive fiat and crypto globally in about 3 seconds.

Banks love this asset, because with XRP they don't have to deposit money first to do cross-border banking. All the money that sits in foreign banks will be available again for these banks.

Did you hear about the Xumm app? With this app you can make a Bitcoin transaction in 3 seconds.


On top of that Ripple plans to build a bridge between XRP and Ethereum to connect traditional with decentralized finance.



These 3 assets are in top 3 for a reason. That's why most of my portfolio is in these assets. The future will be bright for BTC,ETH & XRP. 






Crypto Fan from Germany, born in 1989.


Value goes beyond price 😁

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