Coinbase Visa debit card added support for DAI stablecoin.

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The Coinbase Exchange has added support for the DAI stablecoin in the Visa debit card and now users for UK and EU have one more asset to add in their debit cards and spend it wherever they want.


The Exchange is helping a lot of customers to use their Visa debit cards to spend  Crypto easy as money linked with their Bank accounts.

The Coinbase Visa debit card already have a "basket" of great Cryptocurrency that you can load with it like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and also have support for BAT with 3 more Cryptos.


A new era of digital payments Is coming and most of this system of payments are expanding their services to enable more use of it by customers worldwide. And taking that in mind the Coinbase Visa debit card can be used in ten more countries around Europe that make it 29 Countries that are benefited with their services.

Crypto debit cards it's one more  way out that the crypto community use to spend their Cryptocurrency around the Globe and particularly , willing to see if they will expand the services to more Countries and Continents, specially in Africa.

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