Regular Updates from Unibright CTO 27.05.19

By Dan | Unibright Unofficial Blog | 30 May 2019

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The Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt has decided to start giving the Unibright more small updates about recent goings on through less formal method, mainly short telegram messages, rather than official blog articles in Medium.

The most recent of which is:

So, in summary, Carbonara is closer to release, some good contacts have been made at the recent conference in Malta, and Unibright is looking to help create consistent International Standards for Batch Tracing.

You can see information about the kind of people Ruud and Jack met up with in a tweet Ruud shared, although he did tag KryptoKramer incorrectly... But there are people from areas such as Real Estate and STO advisors, as well as some well known crypto influencers



For more information on latest goings on I recommend checking out the "Altcoinbuzz Community Speaks" updates





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