lens garden nft

Lens Garden nft


                                                  Welcome to Lens Garden!

LensGarden is a project built on top of the lens protocol, and NFTs grow according to the amount of activity within the lens platform. 

The number of issuance is the same as the number of issuance of the lens profile at 1:1. Follow, follower, post count, comment, post collection count, mirror. Those activity points accumulate according to the number of issues, and the higher the points, the higher the level, and the change in NFT. 

what about Mint?

Mint is available only for those who have a lens profile, and the price is 20matic.  Crew3 was also held as of lastdays, and it is said that you can unlock something special during the mission:

who have a Lens profile, last week there was the release of the first official collection of NFT on Lens (mainnet) which evolves with your profile on Lens: Minter a first NFT costs 20 Matic and then depending on your activity on Lens you can unlock the following ones
- The discord where you can, among other things, discover the future benefits associated with NFT and share your Profile in "lens-follow"
- and quests to do on crew3, my invitation link is :




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Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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