Beware of these scam coins: scam alert

Recently, scammers have invented a new way to steal your cryptocurrency - they send you shieldcoins, you look for where to sell them, you get a brand new swap - try to “exchange” coins and lose all your assets.

Be vigilant and don’t trust new swap projects and free airdrops. Scammers use token names similar to the names of popular projects and create new “spawns” for you to connect your wallet to them.

List of such scam coins and there will be more of them

Benis (BNS) = bnsswapdotcom
VCCSwap (VCC) = vccswapdotcom
UnicSwap (UNC) = unicswapdotcom
MBOXSwap (MBOX) = mboxdotink
AdvencedProfitToken (AAP) = bnsswapdotcom
Aave = Aaveswap
WIP (WIP) = wipdotexchange
balancer (BAL) = balancerexchange
toman (TMN) = tomancoin

But how can you separate a proper project from a scam? Here is a check list.

1) Does the project exist? Can you use it? If it’s a yes, that’s a tick, if the project is a promise for tomorrow, that’s a cross.

2) Does the project do something innovative? If yes that’s another tick and a big one.

3) Are the people anonymous or real? If real it’s a tick, if anonymous a cross.

4) Has the team done something before? Yes a tick, no a cross

A cross doesn’t mean don’t get involved, you can weight your ticks and crosses.

The next however is a huge red flag. A No! Nope. Non. Nyet.

 there are aLot of scammers around, be aware

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Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
Understanding Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

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