A Sinister Place Part 2

By widman Leonel | Un Lugar Siniestro | 8 Mar 2021

Part 2

-Yes, I know- Sam says when noticing my gesture- it's a little strange that they know when we should speak and know the lines of the others as a guide of the right moment for our lines.

-It is ... confusing but what happens in the other scenes? - I question hoping that one of them will resolve my question.

-Well, we don't know- Sam responds with a snort- I suppose they'll give us what we need if we pass the auditions.

-AUDITIONS GO TO ROOM A2- a male voice is heard through a megaphone.

-Well, they are waiting for us- Rou takes one of his hands towards her blonde hair to accommodate it- are we going?

What happened was a bit strange, when I arrived at the place that was a green room that Rou had previously shown me, the scene was dramatic so I imagine they would need effects to move the audience but seeing the girls act they did not give me more than an insecurity that she was not able to do as well as Rou that definitely managed to move everyone, unlike Megan, she was not so good at the role of her as evil, as much as the personalities of the girls were contrary to her roles although I was worried about Sam, her role as an empowered girl and fleeting mind did not contrast with her smiling and absent-minded personality and then there was me, without a doubt some ...

-NUMBER 12, ACTION- I come out of my trance when I listen to the guy who then beckons me to enter the scene.

Breathe ...

-Salome?! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU? - I enter my role, this is ridiculous - I swear that I can avenge what they have done to you, THIS, MY YOUNG SISTER- I continue while I take in my arms who knows who the hell it is, I try to cry but how is it impossible I pretend - You ... Marcela will pay dearly for this- I say furiously towards "Marcela" who is played by Megan.

- Me? - Megan says pretending - with what? with your weak powers are you sure Lilith? - ah, so my name is Lilith

-Say it for yourself- I raise my hand with what is supposed to bring out powers or what I know is supposed to.

-CORTEN- it is heard so loud and clear and the cameras are withdrawn from us


The girls approach and each one murmurs nervously, it was probably about that scene, I take the script in my hands and I realize that at the end of the page it only says the supposed name of entertainment all this is weird as well as it does not have a name author or who wrote the libretto.

-It was perfect! - mentions Rou

"I'm not so sure," Sam responds without much enthusiasm.

-Let's wait until the results, yes? - I propose.

Indeed, after two hours a subject approaches calling everyone to hear who had managed to pass, many young faces that I had not noticed before are full of nervousness and tension, I suppose that the news is killing them, since what I see is so important to pass. After a few long minutes and hearing many names accompanied by <<approved>> and >> not approved << tears of joy or tears are noticed, some hug others prefer to sit and cry in silence.

-SAMANTHA STEWART- they mention and all the attention is for the brunette girl with tousled curly hair- NOT APPROVED.

The eyes full of surprise that begin to invade by the hard salty tears that without prior warning run down her cheeks, Sam makes an attempt to clean her face so I place my hand on her shoulder and extend a quality smile.


And of course her blonde makes a happy squeak and celebrates by hugging Megan who immediately lets go of her when she hears her name.

-MEGAN DUCKS- Megan immediately sighs- APPROVED.

And again another shriek of emotion, they are supposed to be friends and should be in solidarity with Sam.

-PRUDENCE RONSEROT - let it be what God wants it to be- NOT APPROVED

CONCHA DE TU ... WHAT I WAS MISSING It seems that not everything is so joy since several eyes fall on me including Rou and Megan, as far as Sam is concerned, she is immersed in her thoughts, I feel a little bad for her for what I hug her and tell her that everything will be fine but of course that little consolation leaves for the ortho when Rou approaches. -I'm so sorry, but look on the bright side- she says smiling- they have 6 months to prepare- I'm already starting to hate her- ah and, Pru-Pru? From when here are the nicknames? - I would like to tell you something- he approaches me hiding a hug and then speaking in my ear- take care, all this is fixed and only you can break this, no, do not move, pretend a goodbye- he hurries to say when I took a little jump to hear what she says- this is not what it seems, if I can I will keep you informed- okay I don't hate her anymore.

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Un Lugar Siniestro
Un Lugar Siniestro

Siniestro Parte 1 El cielo se mantenía gris, ese aspecto neutral que tanto hace que suspire y piense miles de escenarios de como salir por un momento de mi habitación, viendo las paredes blancas y las decoraciones en cada mesilla, giro para regresar hacia mi ventana, el marco color gris hace que mis ojos capturen y contemple el material de madera.

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