A Sinister Place Part 1

By widman Leonel | Un Lugar Siniestro | 6 Mar 2021


Part 1


The sky remained gray, that neutral aspect that makes me sigh and think so much about thousands of scenarios of how to leave my room for a moment, seeing the white walls and the decorations on each table, I turn to return to my window, the colored frame Gray makes my eyes catch and contemplate the wood material.

My ears pick up an unusual sound, as if ivy comes out to get tangled in everything in front of it. I get up from my bed and go to the window, I lift the glass and in fact I run into ivy coming out in a great mass from the ground towards my window, gladly without making noise I prepare to go down from my room in support of such ivy, downstairs a car awaits me. Well, two guys had invited me to go out, without more time I enter the vehicle, the welcomes are immediately heard.

-Come on Prudence, tell us how have you been? - Marco, that boy with green eyes, with a small indomitable jet black hair, his cinnamon skin becomes visible when he takes off his sweatshirt, his gaze goes to me, standing aside to accompany him to sit from the back seat.

-Well, there really isn't much to say but Henry, how did it go with the car? - I ask him whose platinum eyes are fixed on the road and his hands contrasting with his whitish skin, the wheel of the car. black leather.

-Well, it was not easy but well and I hope you are ready because where we are going is very far- he responds -ah Prudence, can you help me pick up the bottle with water? When she turned around, she fell and I can't lift her and for a change you and Marco are in the back seat.

I make a gesture to him from the rear view mirror and get up from my back seat and then look for the bottle of water that was effectively far from his reach, at the moment he uncapped it and Henry nods to grab it but something worries me and that is that Henry has a smile a little macabre but it is probably my imagination, he takes the bottle to drink a little in seconds a truck gets naughty causing the car to get out of control and go off the road, the screams flood the vehicle and then a big noise that everything is turned black.

When I woke up there were people surrounding the vehicle, Henry and Marco took them by ambulance and as for me I was just disoriented. Two subjects approached me, with blurred vision I can see how they lift me up and apparently tell me that everything is fine between what little I can see I feel like they put me in a car and then fall deeply asleep, after a few hours I arrived at a place whose people who accompanied me got out of the car and accompany me to the entrance of a place that probably looks good, probably of wealthy people, a severe headache appears and I just bring one of my hands to my head to massage a little my temple with hopes of calming the pain a bit, after a few minutes a man in his forties opens the front door making a gesture to later mention that he would mark the attendance of said place, the subjects who came with me out of nowhere get on to the car and then leave leaving me in that place completely alone. The guy tells me that I enter and a little distrustful I enter that place to realize that this is a study ?.

People were walking in a hurry, the cameras and lights made me confirm that it was a studio, the red and beige walls made the place shine and the large letters ENTERTAINMENT with a line below that in small letters said SHOW ENTERTAINMENT << What is this place? >>

Regardless of my unknowns, I observed the place while walking to what seemed to be going with some manager.

-Oh! It was time for you to come girl- she said behind me a slender and elegant woman- Prudence ... Come on, there isn't much time- she followed and then pointed the way to me.

-Thank you, she was just lost- she excused me, a little shy, although I don't know how she knows my name.

- I see that- she said looking at me from head to toe, maybe she is about thirty-something, but judging by her elegant clothes, jewels and perfectly combed hair she must have a good position - Here is the group you should be with- said That gave me a slight push closer to the group of teenagers.

My nerves betray me and without knowing anyone I just have to smile and think about how to introduce myself to this group that seems to be busy reading many pages and talking to each other.

- You are ... new truth? - says a girl with blond hair and whitish skin when noticing my presence- My name is Rochelle, but they call me Rou and you? - He asked as he closed what seems to be a script and pose his hazel gaze towards me.

-Prudence- I answered-

Nice to meet you Prudence- she says smiling- well, here I will explain a little about what we do- she continues while she places her hand on my shoulder and we start walking- We do magic here, understand? Every six months they do auditions and depending on the talent they choose the group, as you know for the shoot- she laughs and begins to point out some places-over there is the place where they record for action scenes, all those things with cables, green screen and effects. over there in the back where there are plants they usually record very cheesy romantic scenes- she makes a disgusted gesture so I can't help but laugh- on the other side tragic scenes that normally make the public cry and finally a little of everything- she sighs- but leaving that sideways girls !.

My gaze goes to where Rou is gesturing to realize that she is calling two other girls, her appearance is pleasant to me.

-Hi, I'm Megan- greets a girl with raven hair with a square smile- welcome I guess you'll be in the same group -she tells me.

-Welcome my name is Sam- another girl with extremely curly and tousled hair greets me-it's surprising, they hardly call another member-she says laughing and revealing her smile adorned with braces-they always call in groups for auditions .. .

Without letting her finish Rou claws calling everyone's attention, immediately everyone takes their composure and lets see a forced smile? I definitely get uneasy about the employees, they look at me and whisper to each other, laugh something sinister and then go back to normal.

-Either way, here- she gives me a booklet with a blue cover- this is today's booklet, we must rehearse it and it has to come out perfect- she says and looks towards those present.

Seeing the appearance of each one of them I judge for myself that this is not normal, perfectly ironed pastel colored clothes, the smallest ones wear dresses with lace and the children wear colored shirts as well as their shorts, except for the older ones. that are a little more normal dresses and flower prints but still pastel colors and men's t-shirts and jeans.

-You're right, let's see- Megan replies - the scene is dramatic I suppose there are no difficulties for all of them, right? she asks.

I open the script and begin to read the first lines, which is indeed a dramatic scene but for a moment it seems to me that it is an interesting novel but I cannot read more information other than just the dialogues that I must share with ...

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Un Lugar Siniestro
Un Lugar Siniestro

Siniestro Parte 1 El cielo se mantenía gris, ese aspecto neutral que tanto hace que suspire y piense miles de escenarios de como salir por un momento de mi habitación, viendo las paredes blancas y las decoraciones en cada mesilla, giro para regresar hacia mi ventana, el marco color gris hace que mis ojos capturen y contemple el material de madera.

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