Trial oF W@LKING Day #1

Walking Out of the box - Day# 1




(out of the box) I used to think the trail was abstract, weird, or busy with busybodies, I observe people every day, people do different things, but what is the meaning of these things?

Normally I escape from reality, thinking ... giving myself the idea that I still have control of my life, I see how people live their presents in the same way as a school of fish, adopting forms and feelings in unity but without meaning deep, like puppets who don't know they are puppets or maybe they know or maybe they don't care to be.

(Present time)

In the next corner is the grocery store, I need brushes and paint, today I plan to draw a little and put my brain to create again, the girl in the box is cute, smile… just smile, I like the style of her. She gives only good vibes

I pay and then I go.

In the pedestrian in front of me there are 3 boys and a woman, dressed in very bad taste, dressed from head to toe in ignorance, they have been whistling for about two years as I remember.

They have a strange look, like someone who does not think for himself,

he sends the whistle to them. as someone who is forced to have imposed ideas or who does not even have them, has eyes full of desires, dysfunctional emotions, maybe they are abrupt zombies hahaha, maybe they just did not take folic acid in their childhood and are adult idiots ... (Remember walking ... leave them with their 4-stroke life)

everything one can imagine on the way to the studio. It's interesting, I guess it's typical of these times to romanticize human stupidity.

Anyway, I must continue while I can and if the world does not end until then ...

(just passing the boredom of the moment).

and what do you think?



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Ugly Drawings - LIFE from SCIENCE FICTION
Ugly Drawings - LIFE from SCIENCE FICTION

Free Ideas out of the box (open for discussion, just passing the boredom of the moment). and what do you think?

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