NKLA is a buy

By TSLA | TSLA | 20 Jul 2020

Its time for some of the TSLA fans to cash out of TSLA and look at NKLA because currently Tesla is valued correctly and most share holders of the company have ridden the stock for a great return, despite the fact that the electricity which is used to charge the vehicles is produced mainly by burning coal in order to generate the electricity required to power their vehicles creating greenhouse emissions. NKLA is releasing trucks which run only on liquid Hydrogen and only produces H2O aka water. No more waiting for your car to charge for hours before you can drive, instead NKLA's Hydrogen fill up stations take about the same time as a regular fill up at the gas station!

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There are a few different companies working towards zero emissions vehicles, including TSLA, NKLA, NIO, and others. As of now I think TSLA has reached its real value and am looking forward to NKLA releasing its first zero emissions trucks in 2021. NIO is already producing and selling electric vehicles in China. NKLA is a the first US based company whose vehicles run on liquid Hydrogen and the by product is only H2O aka water. Unlike TSLA which uses electricity which comes manly from burning coal.

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