Maskinine - The New Word To Describe Stupid Social Distancing Guidelines
Just Say No And You Wont Catch It

Maskinine - The New Word To Describe Stupid Social Distancing Guidelines

By John Foltz | My Lucid Life | 8 Jul 2020

          7/7/20 I just want to quickly point out some things that I have been seeing happen with social distancing that are pretty pointless in my opinion. Today, after we got the beads dug out of my daughters skull that were lodged in her ear hole, we decided to hit another local China buffet. They were re opening on this day! We get to the front door and establish that my 2 year old son does not have to wear the mask because he is a small number. This automatically makes us wearing the masks to protect US pointless no? Since we live together and everything else. Let's not get into the debate of how effective masks are for this or that. Let's just assume they work. My son not wearing a mask just reduced the effectiveness by 50% no? Stay with me, this gets better.

          We get in the door and one of the servers is hovering over us making sure we are all good to go. Then she informs me that we will not be allowed to get our own food. I did not war game this one in my head. I think i just auto placed it in the stupid file because we were already in those waters. Ok, fine. Whatever you say. We won't get our own food. Now this is a huge place with a LOT of seating. The hostess begins to walk us through an empty building. We don't really see anyone at tables. Then I look where she is taking us and there are a seating everyone in one little section together! I can see several people, masks off, talking, eating and having a good ol time. At this point, my bullshit sensors are going off left and right. 

          I begin to mentally break down inside. I can't contain it any longer. It was kinda like when you drop a mentos into a bottle of coke. We all know what happens next. Words start sneaking out of my mouth and coming together to form speech. "The fuck?". "What kinda dumb shit is this?". My brain says "Hey feet, hold up a minute. Legs, listen up. Look at this bullshit.". I know it's not the fault of the employees but seeing an entire group of people that are not bucking like I'm about to just adds more fuel to the fire. My body does an autopilot about face and I start to walk out of the building. All kinds of shit is coming out of my mouth now and I was yelling it so everyone could hear. 

          I don't remember what I was saying. I was just pointing out how stupid it was that we had to wear masks to enter the building, walk through where there were no people and then sit with a crowd, take our masks off and eat. I also yelled something about how dumb it was that they were not spreading people out. That IS the fault of management. This is all maskinine. A hybrid form of the word asinine. I did not walk out because I'm scared of a virus. I walked out because my soul could not handle the level of stupid I was walking into and play along like everything was ok.

          I have seen some really stupid shit since Covid showed up. A friend of mine told me he went to the dentist, they made him wear a mask all through the building and then opened his mouth and gave it a tune up. How can so many just willingly go along with this bullshit and so few say anything about it. If I see one more person shopping or whatever and wearing gloves, touching all over everything holding a cell phone in a gloved hand and drinking Starbucks coffee with the other gloved hand. I am going to lose my shit. Gloved hand and digging around in your purse for your car keys because fuck logic. People wearing masks in vehicles ALONE! I love seeing a 6 person family get out of a vehicle to go shopping and 3 have masks on, 3 don't but yall live under the same roof. Come on America. Is this the best we can muster? 

          There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about all of this. Many different scenarios could be at play here. I don't know what's going on just as much as the next guy but this I know. IF there really IS a Corona virus and it's really as deadly as they say, IF it spreads as easily as they say and we are relying on social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment to stop the spread. Then we are truly SCREWED. Not everyone is going along with it, including a lot of large gatherings of people. That, added to the fact that a large number of people that think they are social distancing are totally messing that up. If we are relying on people to be smart enough to properly pull this off. We are in for a HARSH reality check down the road. I'll leave you with a message that I have been blasting out there for years. Prepare for the worst. Stock up on canned food, water purification, batteries, guns, ammo. I believe that one day soon we will reach a point of no return and life as we know it will be over. I don't believe we can pull out of something like this. This is our new normal. Start buying items of insurance and prepare for things to get worse. If you need help, let me know and I can answer some questions.

John Foltz


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