TRX Voting Guide: How to earn Tron rewards

TRX Voting Guide: How to earn Tron rewards

By Rashed Arman | Planet TRX | 20 Feb 2021

Hi, today let's see how can we freeze our tron, vote and earn guaranteed reward from tron network.

We'll use tronlink wallet. Using tronlink pro makes this process easier as it can directly interact with tronscan.

If you don't have already click here to download tronlink pro official wallet. Now click on the hamburger menu, go to freee/unfreeze. tronlink freeze/unfreeze

Now you should get redirected to tronscan. Click on freeze, enter amount, select tron power & bandwith. For every TRX you freeze, you get 1 TP (Tron Power) & Additional bandwith or energy.

Quick note, if you freeze your TRX, you CAN'T unfreeze it before 72 hours.

Bandwith are used to do tron transaction without paying gas fees, by default you should have 5000 bandwith. Every transaction costs 250 bandwith, so you can do upto 20 tron transaction everyday with tronlink absolutely free of fees. Energy on the other hand used to run tron smart contracts.


tronscan voting

Now let's see how you can use your tron power to vote SR (super representative) and earn rewards. Go to VOTE and use your TP to vote any SR(s) you want. To vote just click on the green button on the top right corner of tronscan page.



Personally I like to divide my votes 80-20 between Bitguild and Binance. Top 25 SR's get rewarded from tron blockchain everyday then they divide the profits between voters. For example binance here as you can see, shares 80% of profit with their voters leaving us with approx. 5% apy. On the other hand Polonex & Bitguild shares 100% of their profit with voters (7% apy). Bitguild sends you reward every 4 hours.



To withdraw voting reward simply go to assets and you will see your accumulated tron rewards. You can withdraw any amount which directly goes to your tronlink wallet without any charge at all.


Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

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