Eating ramen 🍜

By cryotosensei | travelinJapan | 13 Aug 2023

On National Day, my family and I ironically patronised Ramen Hitoyoshi ラーメン人吉 to tuck into its delectable tonkotsu ramen. For the uninitiated, Hitoyoshi is a city famous for water rafting in Kumamoto. But perhaps it was for the best because ramen occupies a podium position in Japanese cuisine.



Ramen Hitoyoshi is sure to excite your senses and transport you to ramen heaven because you can customise the way you want to consume your ramen, right down to the thickness of the noodles. Once your bowl arrives, the huge circular slices of chashu is surely to whet your appetite. Paired with a generous sprinkling of negi, it comprises a piquant, sinfully rich broth that you will tuck into with relish. What’s more, the springy noodles are complemented with chewy mushrooms, enhancing your eating sensation. Truly the epitome of culinary sophistication.


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