TRAVELING 2.0 -- The Start Of the Build --

By Stijnm85 | traveling | 19 Sep 2020






In my previous article (traveling 2.0 -- the future of spending you're holiday??!!--) I was talking about the pandemic and how it changed my view of spending my holiday. There I mentioned we were searching for a van to convert into a small home-on-wheels... Now we are proud to announce to you all we have found a van to convert!!! After searching for months and months on the internet for the right van, we finally found it!! We fell in love with a black Volkswagen Crafter/2014 L3 H2. The reason why we bought this 'beast' is due to his past life, it was never used for construction but the van was used to transport organs (music)! I can assure you we literally found the needle in a haystack!!  The reason for this is due to the fact we got it from a small company where the owner was the driver, another bonus in our opinion is that nothing dirty was transported. So actually we bought almost a brand new van for a fraction of the cost! Today we gave the deposit and if all goes well we can pick it up next week Saturday!!!
Then our journey begins to convert this diamond in the rough into our dream house on wheels. :) 




Things that are on our list for our conversion:

- Sleeping/eating place: Dubbel use where the table is able to convert into the bed

- Shower (inside the van)

- Hot water true a pump and heating system

- Kitchen

- Lots of closet space

- Electricity 12 V and 220 V: this we will provide in three ways:
- Solar panels
- True driving (relay)
- Providing a connection to be able to connect to the mains



Of course, we will keep you updated on our progress and things we come across... 



Thanks for following our new channel of the build and of course
thanks in advance for the tipping and following :)


Kind regards





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