My trip to Borneo - Malaysia Borneo Pulau Bodhgaya
My trip to Borneo - Malaysia Borneo Pulau Bodhgaya

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Pulau Bodhgaya

Traveling around Borneo, we decided to go on a one-day trip to the Pulau Bodgaya reserve. It is a large volcanic crater surrounded by beautiful islets and coral reefs.

That's what it looked like from the mainland before leaving, Pulau Bodgaya can be seen in the background in the background.


But the whole attraction here is climbing up Bodgaya. The route is 600 meters long and the mountain itself is 300 meters high. In 35-degree heat this is a real feat.


The whole takes place under the armed forces with the ammunition, because due to the close proximity of the Philippines there were abductions of tourists for ransom.

And this is the prize for a hard climb. When you will be in Borneo, do not miss this place - it is phenomenal.


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