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The Best City in the Philippines: Baguio City

By SassySissy | Travel and Life | 1 Feb 2021

Baguio City's aerial view by Lyka Joson (Link:

You may be thinking how in this sh!t world made me think that Baguio City is the best city in the Philippines. You might think that I am out of my freakin mind but no! Hold up and listen because I will be sharing to you all the things that convinced me that Baguio City is the best.

Reminder: Everything that you will be reading forward is solely based on my opinions and thoughts. I am not disregarding other places and I absolutely do not intend to offend someone.

Baguio City is dubbed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines due to its mountain like weather. It is also called as the City of Pines because of the Pine trees that are very significant to the city.

What was stated above is not the reasons why I think Baguio City is the best. Thats just a simple introduction for you to know just a bit about the city.

I have lived in Baguio all my life. Baguio took care of me for 22 years. The city opened my eyes and see the good things about life. Baguio is part of my life.

Lets begin shall we?

The many reasons why I consider Baguio City as the best city in the Philippines is because of its rich culture and traditions, the amazing and preserved tourist spots, and most specially, the unique geographical identify of the city.

Photo by Jett Kalvin (Link:


Photo by Aldrino (Link:

I will not deny the fact that all places in the world has its own culture and tradition that differentiate them from others but I must say that the City of Baguio must be one that has the richest and unique culture and traditions.

The city is mostly consist of a tribal group called the Igorots - they are the natives from most part of the region Cordillera Administrative Region. As part of this amazing group of people, I have witnessed a lot of heavenly practices. From the unique dances (cańao or kanyaw as the most famous one) up to the best festivals (Panagbenga etc.).

The cultures and traditions of the city really just fascinates and captivates me. It tells how the people are like - which are great by the way, the lifestyles and also the beliefs. The different events, festivals, and city occasions reflects the absolutely amazing culture and traditions of the city.


Photo by Gunnar Ridderström (Link:

Baguio City as mentioned is situated in the great province of Benguet which are known for its agriculture. The city is the perfect place for escapades and relaxation.

Together with the cool weather are the beautiful tourist spots. I can't even wait to identify each one of them. Are you ready? Lets do it.


Photo by Vic Alcuaz (Link:

Camp John Hay, according to statistics, is the most famous attraction in the City of Baguio. It was a former American R&R spot in the 1900s but is now a private resort. Cam John Hay is located in the mountains and depite of the city's rapid growth, it still offers a very welcoming atmosphere. Without a visit to Camp John Hay, a visit to Baguio is not complete.


Photo by Gina Tigere (Link:

The strawberry fields is not technically located inside Baguio but its just 3 kilometeres away. The main thing to do in the fields are strawberry picking which by the way is one the funnest thing to enjoy especially with family or friends. The rates varies and the most common factor that affects it is the supply and the season. Fresh strawberries arent the only food you purchase there but also some homemade strawberry jams which are so tasty and delicious.


Photo on Wikipedia

The infamous Bell Church are one of the cultural structures located in the city. It is very significant to the Chinese community not just in Baguio but also in the province of Benguet. It is such nice place to visit because of its cool architectural design. Visiting the Bell Church makes you temporarily forget that you are in the Philippines. The church really gives you the Chinese feels.


Photo by Jem Sahagun (Link:

Last but not the least, the "mother of all parks", right at the heart of the city, Burnham Park. The park is 30 hectares of amazing spots. A lot of recreational things to enjoy most especially with your family, friends and special someones. Within the park, there are also a lot of establishments to visit. But the thing that standout in the park is manmade lake where you can go boating. Boating is not the only activities you can enjoy at the park but also skating.

There are more tourist spots you can visit in Baguio City. Some of them are the following: The Valley of Colors, Session Road, Baguio Cathedral, Wright Park, Mansion House, Mines View and more.

Photo on Wikipedia  


Photo on Wikipedia

Baguio City as stated in the website is 250 kilometers north of Manila. Its high location makes the city one of the coldest places in the country. Its terrains are amazing for hikings and trekkings. The mountains within the city - including of those located in Benguet - are one of the best geographic assets of the city. Its location makes the city a phenomenal.

I am sure that there are a lot more things that makes Baguio City great which I will include in the future. But these are the most significant ones that I can think of.

As I stated in the first part of the article, this is just my opinion and my thoughts.

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