Review Hunt a web to earn ETH really quickly!!!!
The best web to earn ETH quickly

Review Hunt a web to earn ETH really quickly!!!!

By Ratonera | Trap for rats | 19 May 2020


This website is dedicated to promoting other websites, such as apps, subscriptions, and other things.Its goal is for small or new content creators, be they apps or web, to be able to promote themselves by paying heavily and verifying that people stick to their content. Creators can be anyone you want, and content search engines too.

He has been on his feet for over a year and has paid incredible amounts of money in crypto, at first he was working with the "HUNT" coin a few months ago with his new web enhancement, added "ETH".

quick tasks


To earn money you just have to fulfill the tasks that the creators request and once they verify it, they pay you, each task has its requirements, that's why there are tasks with many rewards, such as the minimum of $ 0.1.



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I am a young man from Santa Fe, Argentina. I study and go to university, I love doing sports, playing absquet and riding a bike. Also learn more about crypto every day and share my knowledge with others.

Trap for rats
Trap for rats

I like to share pages and social networks where you can earn money in both currencies and cryptos. I also share information about mobile games, applications and pc games that generate profits in cryptos.

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