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Review Of One Trandingview Indicator

By Gemscode | Tradingview indicators | 14 May 2022

TradingView ranks as one of the top trading platforms. Indicator-based analysis is used by many professionals to make trading decisions. This tool has more than 100 built-in indicators for market analysis and an extensive public library with more than 5,000 custom indicators.

Some show buy and sell signals, while other indicators depend on how the trader interprets them according to his specific strategy. As mentioned, there are many indicators such as the Ichimoku Cloud and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA), the Relative Strength Index (RSI), the Average True Range (ATR), the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD). However, the most powerful one is Gems Code.


First of all, what are indicators?

Indicators for cryptocurrencies are very useful mechanisms. They help to evaluate the best way to invest in a given economic scenario. And for the application of digital assets to be done in the best possible way, one of the options is to make use of resources with updated and credible data on market movements.


  • How cryptocurrency indicators work

Before recommending some of the best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency indicators on the market, it is important to explain what the types and function of each of them are. With this in mind, we can consider that an indicator is nothing more than a mathematical formula prepared by a trader. Its main purpose is to understand the reasons of the market oscillation.


From this "experience" materialized in data, it is possible to have a clearer vision about some economic context to take a decision. This mechanism provides a grounded support to simultaneously follow information within a specific segment of the virtual assets market. Thus, there are several angles that can be viewed through different indicators:


  • Moving Average: Undoubtedly, the evaluation of the moving average is one of the fundamental steps to faithfully examine the ups and downs of the market and be better able to predict the future movements of digital assets. This is due both to its ease of interpretation and to the broad set of data provided by this indicator.
  • Technical indicator for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: This is a technical indicator that shows the volatility of the market. Thus, it is another basic parameter for successfully investing in the cryptoactive market. This index helps to understand the best times to invest, especially in periods when the price of a certain cryptoactive is consolidated. That is, when it is within a value range in which there is little oscillation. Thus, Bollinger Bands serve to identify small "nuances" in the value of digital assets.
  • Volume: Volume is an essential element in any financial market. It is through this indicator that it is possible to know the degree of interest of investors in some currency. By viewing its oscillations it is possible to have a notion of how safe or not the application of resources is.
  • Accumulated aggression: This index measures the accumulated balance of aggression between buyers and sellers. In other words, if the balance is positive, this means that buyers are taking advantage against sellers. Otherwise, if this balance is negative, it means that the sellers are winning the fight.


This indicatore actually provides very valuable signals, Gemscode uses many different algorithms, different types of factors and multiple sources of value. No matter if you are trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, GemsCode will certainly guide you towards making the right decision at the appropriate time.

In case you are a trader, trust us and believe us when we say that as a trader the absolute worst thing you can do is waste time (time is money), so

GemsCode is the perfect choice for you. You don't necessarily have to understand everything that is going on in the market, however, knowing your market potential and figuring it all out is certainly your main ticket towards a profitable and steady trader.

For example, let's say you are a cryptocurrency trader, GemsCode will actually help you track cryptocurrencies as well as identify the best buying and selling points of the asset. In other words, it will provide you with an accurate summary of the movements that are happening in the market, and then Gemscode will actually guide you on where to buy and when to sell. Characteristics of GemsCode:


  • Accuracy: Can be measured consistently and repeatedly over time, using a variety of different monitors;


  • Feasible: can be easily and accurately measured with appropriate measures, tools and methods;


  • Timely: allow action within appropriate timeframes, largely in accordance with specific objectives and program goals;


  • Specific: operationally specified in clear technical and financial terms;


  • Effective: precise in terms of the type of practice, activity or action expected to result from an intervention.


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Tradingview  indicators
Tradingview indicators

Premium tradingview indicators. Their purpose is to increase your chance of making a right decision concerning the market movement. This is a tool that can show the altcoin value, the psychological condition of the crowd in this asset, the critical divergence of price/value, whether the big players are buying or selling the asset. The indicators have errors. There is no indicator with 100% profitability, except for those that crooks offer. The important thing is that with them you have a better chance

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