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FREE!!!! The word free attracts any human on this planet. Who can't hesitate to get something without paying or trading some valuable for it. Ever since the boom of crypto currencies and everyone wants some free crypto as crypto currencies are becoming are more recognized asset globally. Currently Litecoin is trading at the price below. 




In this Free Litecoin App you can claim free litoshis hourly, by watching 15sec or 30sec ads and by doing tasks in the app. Minimum payout is 20000 litoshis. Well it's grateful that you can earn more than that in just 2 days. Payouts are done every Tuesday. At first I thought this app was a scam. In 2 days I earned 27000 by just claiming it hourly and watching ads. The best part is that they actually paid me so this app is not a scam. This app works very smoothly and it's legit. Anyone out there who wants free Litecoin do use this link below to download the app and get your own free Litecoin. With this app it easy to make more than 100000 litoshis a month. The more ads u watch, the more tasks and more hourly claims, you could make a few extra bucks for your spending.  


Free Litecoin App


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