What is CPU and GPU mining?
What is CPU and GPU mining?

By tornadooo | ToRNaDo | 22 May 2020

CPU mining is the name given to mining with the central processing unit, the processor we know from our computers. In this mining type, the mathematical equations used for transfers are solved with CPU. Actually, in the early days, cryptocurrency mining was done with traditional processors or CPU. However, low computing capacities and high electricity consumption pushed CPU mining to the second plan after a while.

GPU Mining

Graphics cards are designed to make similar or repetitive processes faster. Processors, on the other hand, are more suitable for multi-processing or different processes. For this reason, GPUs are considered as ideal equipment for cryptocurrency mining. Because mining is a process that is similar or repeats continuously.

Mining time computer constantly tries to decipher different passwords and changes only one number at a time.

Graphics cards are also equipped with a large amount of Arithmetic Calculators, which are responsible for performing math operations. Thanks to all these advantages, GPUs can make more calculations and contribute more to the mining process.


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