Solid German Reality - Betting using crypto and investing at the same time!

Solid German Reality - Betting using crypto and investing at the same time!

By Claudio Reward | topmastergain | 27 May 2020

Alcore Betting

Good Day!

After a while without writing I decided to introduce you to this alternative but SOLID investing company.

It is based in Germany with a domain registered from 16.10.2019 up to 16.10.2027!! YES 8 YEARS!!

ALCORE is a betting company that allows you to bet on multiple sport events using not only usual currencies, such as  USD and EUR, but also cryptocurrencies! We all know very well how lucrative and profitable is the world of Betting! Well at ALCORE, they have decided to combine this, to sustain another huge activity....INVESTMENTS!

ALCORE offers different investment plans ranging from low invest/short duration to professional investments in which the principles and duration are for big investors.

Notwithstanding, interesting examples are the 1,0-1,4% DAILY for 10 DAYS (min 50$) and 1,5-2,0% DAILY for 20 DAYS (min 500$) which certainly merit attention!

You know that in this field TIMING is everything! So start your investment right now as every day lost, is a PROFIT not collected!


You are welcome to join my telegram group for receiving daily updates on trusted investment platforms, proof of payments and lively discussion!

Feel free to have a look at my current investment portfolio by clicking here!


Remember that this is not meant to force you to invest. But to give you information for your own use. Behave always wisely. Invest what you can afford to loose and respect the laws of your country.


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Claudio Reward
Claudio Reward

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