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TurboTrix Finance: A Decentralised Dual Blockchain Utility Defi Project

By Top ICO | Topico | 31 Jul 2021

BSC is a chain technology developed by the popular exchange platform, Binance, which aims to provide a chain technology that is more efficient, secure, fast, and more affordable than Ethereum. Making transactions with BSC can be completed quickly and cheaper. But there is another chain technology that is faster and cheaper than BSC, namely Tron, developed by Justin Sun, this chain claims that they offer speed and are cheaper than other chains. But even so, these two chains make the crypto market better and more sophisticated.


What is TurboTrix Finance?

TurboTrix Finance is a DeFi platform that works with dual blockchains, Binance Smart Chain, and Tron. TurboTrix Finance securely runs on BSC and uses Tron to empower the ecosystem with faster transactions and low gas fees. With this, TurboTrix Finance takes advantage of these two popular chains and provides users with a more reliable and affordable DeFi platform. Because as it is known today many crypto users are using the DeFi platform for their various financial purposes, and most DeFi platforms are currently adopting the BSC protocol to secure the platform. However, the BSC network is not very scalable compared to TRON, therefore TurboTrix Finance runs securely on BSC, but the ecosystem is supported by TRON which offers faster transactions and low gas fees.

TurboTrix Finance is designed with secured blockchain technology built with a Tron algorithm, which makes TurboTrix Finance very reliable. Here users can access various DeFi features such as staking and farming, more secure and affordable.


What features does TurboTrix Finance provide?

TurboTrix Finance aims to be a crypto-financial platform that will offer safer and more affordable services. Running on BSC and an ecosystem powered by TRON, TurboTrix Finance offers users faster transactions and low gas fees. With this, the TurboTrix ecosystem will be supported by 2 popular and reliable chain technologies.

The following are the features provided by TurboTrix Finance:

  • Stake tokens to earn passive income: TurboTrix Finance allows users to stake their TurboTrix tokens and get rewarded for their participation. Rewards will be sent directly to the user's wallet on the Tosdis platform.
  • Participate in farming: TurboTrix Finance allows users to participate in farming with a fairly high yield. Users can enjoy the benefits of liquidity mining on the Tosdis platform.
  • Get $40 worth of TTF: TurboTrix Finance gives users the opportunity to earn $40 worth of TTF when they participate using TurboTrix Finance dedicated ID 1006 number to sign up for the Twin TurboTRX system on Tron Network.
  • Secure web platform: TurboTrix Finance team plans to launch a secure web platform that will facilitate users with various features such as Governance, NFTs, Swaps, Multisenders, and many others.


How does the TurboTrix Finance interface look like?

The interface of TurboTrix Finance is quite user-friendly and responsive. Users can easily find various information about TurboTrix Finance here. The developer provides various documents which will be very helpful for users to be able to learn TurboTrix Finance more deeply. Users don't need to be confused about where they can exchange their TTF, because here they can easily find exchanges that support TTF tokens. The developer here also explains the Twin Turbo incentive plan, so users can calculate how much return they will get if they invest in TurboTrix Finance.


What is TurboTrix Finance Token?

TTF Token was launched on the basis of Binance BEP-20 with the main function as a utility token. TTF Token has a supply of 777,777,777 tokens and will not increase in the future. Since it is a utility token, users can use the TTF token for various purposes on the platform, such as staking or farming. If users wish to own TTF tokens, they can purchase them on PancakeSwap, Probit, Bilaxy, and Dodo Exchange.

In Conclusion

TurboTrix Finance is a DeFi platform that runs on BSC and its ecosystem is powered by the TRON network. Supported by these 2 reliable chain technologies, TurboTrix Finance can provide users with a secure DeFi platform, with faster transactions and low gas fees. With this, users can access various DeFi features such as staking or farming more secure and affordable compared to similar platforms.




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