Rabbit Finance: Sheer Leveraged Yield Farming Pleasure

By Top ICO | Topico | 19 Apr 2021

Nowadays it is not difficult for someone to maximize the return on their investment in the cryptocurrency market. By using the DeFi platform, one can maximize their profit with the various features provided, such as staking, yield farming, and loan/borrow. Crypto users can get quite attractive returns from the yields provided by the DeFi platform. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, it is not that difficult to access the DeFi platform. The DeFi platform usually provides user-friendly services and can be accessed easily and safely through various devices.


What is Rabbit Finance?

Rabbit Finance is one of the many platforms that adopts the decentralized finance protocol or commonly abbreviated as DeFi. However, unlike most DeFi platforms, Rabbit Finance focuses more on leveraged yield farming protocols built on the Binance Smart Chain. But what is the leveraged yield farming protocol adopted by Rabbit Finance? It is a protocol that allows users to achieve maximum returns on their investment using leverage. Rabbit Finance allows users to get 10X leverage when they participate in DeFi liquidity farming. So when their funds are not enough, they can get 10X leverage which can bring them to achieve maximum revenue per unit time on their investment.

If this is not enough, Rabbit Finance also provides borrowing pools that allow users to get stable income. Users will become lenders by depositing their tokens into Rabbit Finance vaults. The assets provided by these lenders will be leveraged for other users. By becoming a lender, users can earn income even when they sleep.


What features does Rabbit Finance provide?

Rabbit Finance was built with a combination of various platforms such as Alpaca Finance and Badger Finance and the mechanism of an algorithm stable coin. With the support of these various technologies, it allows Rabbit Finance to become an investment platform that can maximize the return on user investment. And even become the "Federal Reserve of the DeFi world" because it offers financial services that are based on equal opportunities and effective financial services at affordable costs for all participants.

The following are features provided by Rabbit Finance:

  • Flexible deposit options: Rabbit Finance allows users to optimally convert their deposited assets and the borrowed BNB or BUSD, so they don't have to make the conversion themselves.
  • Automatic staking: Rabbit Finance designed a mechanism that allows automatically stake users' LP tokens on selected platforms such as PancakeSwap, etc.
  • Continuous compounding: Rabbit Finance allows bounty hunters to be able to monitor the amount of rewards accrued in each pool and helping farmers to reinvest it.
  • Claim RABBIT rewards anytime: Rabbit Finance allows users to claim their bonus anytime. Rabbit Finance will not lock or limit the number of tokens that will be taken by the user.


What is RABBIT Token?

Rabbit Finance launched a native token named RABBIT which will have a role as a rewards and governance token from the Rabbit Finance platform. The RABBIT token was launched on Binance BEP-20 based with a total supply of 200 million Rabbit tokens. Users can get these tokens through the IRO program organized by Rabbit Finance, or through features such as a stake, yield farm, etc.


In Conclusion

Rabbit Finance is a platform that allows users to achieve maximum returns on their investment using leveraged yield farming. This allows users to get 10x leverage when their funds are insufficient, so they can participate in DeFi liquidity farming with maximum revenue per unit time. However, if users want to earn a stable income, they can participate by becoming a lender on Rabbit Finance vaults, enabling them to earn stable income every day even when they sleep. Rabbit Finance is leveraged yield farming by people and for people globally.


WEB: https://www.rabbitfinance.io/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceEN
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit


BTT Username: Toplistico.com
BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2676688
Telegram: @topico88

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