ccFOUND: Exchange Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom, and Monetize It.

ccFOUND: Exchange Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom, and Monetize It.

By Top ICO | Topico | 10 Jun 2021


Nowadays people can access various kinds of information through Google or other platforms. There are millions of information that are freely accessible to people whenever and wherever they are. This information is usually provided by individuals or platforms, such as Udemy, Wikipedia, Quora, etc. With this information available for free or paid, it allows users to be able to complete assignments, research, or various other things. Especially for students, this information is very helpful for their learning.


What is ccFOUND?

ccFOUND is a platform that allows users to gain access to knowledge and wisdom for free or for a fee. ccFOUND provides an educational portal that combines Udemy, Quora, and Wikipedia, which makes it easier for users to ask questions, published responses, news and analyzes, and many other things. Because as is known, sometimes users have to browse many websites or platforms to be able to get some information. Users have to open many tabs or pages just to get information about covid, for example. This is inefficient and inconvenient for users. And ccFOUND sees this as a problem and wants to provide an educational portal where users can get information or ask other users or experts about various things.

ccFOUND offers users a blockchain-based education portal that allows users to exchange information, knowledge, and wisdom. It is a platform created especially for knowledge seekers or information providers which allows them to monetize the information they provide.


What features does ccFOUND provide?

ccFOUND intends to become an educational portal that allows users to exchange information, knowledge, and wisdom, and monetize it. ccFOUND allows knowledge seekers and information providers to gather in one place and exchange information and wisdom. Here users can do various things related to education, such as published responses, news, and analyses, publishing paid e-books, online courses, and many other things. The translation feature, allows users from various countries to gather without language limitations.

The following are the features of ccFOUND:

  • First Online Space: ccFOUND allows users to exchange information and wisdom freely. ccFOUND is the first platform in the world to offer an information exchange platform and can monetize it.
  • Rewards: ccFOUND allows users to participate and be active by means of translating questions, answers, or others, and allows them to earn rewards and reputation for their activities.
  • Decentralized Platform: Because it is blockchain-based, ccFOUND is a decentralized platform that gives back power to users.
  • Real People: ccFOUND allows all activities on the platform to be purely real people and not from a computer. All answers, information, or others provided by users are from true people.
  • Market Research: ccFOUND was launched taking into account many factors and has already passed the market research stage, so ccFOUND is mature and ready to compete.


What is FOUND Token?

ccFOUND Token or abbreviated as FOUND is a token that will serve as a utility token. FOUND is based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 2,000,000,000 FOUND. Users can get various benefits by having FOUND, such as gaining access to various features in the platform, increasing the token price as the platform develops, etc. FOUND tokens can be purchased via the pre-sale program.

How does the ccFOUND interface look like?

The interface of ccFOUND is very user-friendly, clean, and modern. Here users can find various information about ccFOUND, such as The Problem About Information, Bussiness Model, RoadMap, FAQ, and Team. And ccFOUND also includes various links to help users navigate, such as links to coin distribution, social media, and whitepaper. However, ccFOUND does not explain exactly when users can fully use the ccFOUND service, because for now, ccFOUND is still only focused on token sales. But users need not worry, ccFOUND will launch the service shortly.

In Conclusion

ccFOUND is a platform that allows users to exchange information and wisdom. This is the first blockchain-based educational portal that allows information to be monetized. Here users can ask questions, published responses, news, and analyzes; publishing paid e-books, online courses, webinars, organizing events, and many other things easily and safely.




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