Bancambios: Financial Services Umbrella with User-friendly Products

By Top ICO | Topico | 5 May 2021

According to experts, there are currently more than 1.2 Billion Banked people, 1.7 Billion Unbanked People, 678 Million Underbanked People. From the 7.9 billion inhabitants of the earth today, we can conclude that this number is quite small. Even if someone is covered by banking services, there will be many opportunities that they can get, for example, such as a trusted payment platform, loans for business capital, investment, and others.


What is Bancambios?

Bancambios is a digital banking platform that will provide dynamic and sustainable financial solutions that will empower people around the world. What Bancambios is doing is providing financial solutions that are available and affordable for all, as well as fixing the stagnant economic system as it is today. Bancambios becomes the financial services umbrella that will provide users with quality and reliable financial products for all users in the world through a user-friendly interface. Anyone can access Bancambios anywhere and anytime.

Bancambios is a people-inspired and technology-powered financial platform that aims to raise the global social-economic standard and provide inclusive and dynamic financial services tailored to people's needs. Bancambios will assemble the most advanced emerging technologies to create the umbrella of a financial service and deliver to users a quality financial service through a user-friendly interface.


What features does Bancambios provide?

Bancambios is a digital banking platform that will provide affordable, modern, and innovative financial solutions to all users in the world. Bancambios is inspired by people and powered by technology, which means that Bancambios with the most advanced emerging technologies will provide financial services that hold people at its core. Bancambios is a fully regulated and secure financial service for all users in the world. Bancambios utilizes the most advanced technology to be able to provide users with quality and reliable financial services.

The following are the features of Bancambios:

  • Capital Markets 3.0: Bancambios enables to host and launch of strongly audited backed-asset symbols through the Bancambios Financial Trading Ledger, which is a globalized and sustainable capital market with a good environment.
  • Wealth Management 3.0: Bancambios enables smart wealth management with supersonic technological-smart money. This is different wealth management compared to the traditional wealth management systems that are widely used by banking platforms today.
  • Contactless Payment Getaways: Bancambios allows users to use contactless payment gateways with a variety of modern features. With this, we can reduce the use of plastics and preserve the world.
  • FinTech is a Service: Bancambios enables customized financial services according to user needs to be combined with advanced technology.
  • Crowdfunding 3.0: Bancambios enables infrastructure for crowdfunding that allows users around the world to be able to access high-quality financial products.
  • Banking with Bio-identity: Bancambios allows users to access financial services using their face + voice + body.
  • Multi-function ATMs: Bancambios allows users to access the Bancambios ATM network which has cardless and hack-proof features. Users can pay utility bills, withdraw cash, send money, etc., through this ATM.
  • Credit Sector 3.0: Bancambios allows users to access a digital credit platform that makes it easier for them to get loans.


What is BX Token?

BX is a native token of Bancambios which serves as a payment in the platform. Bancambios released BX tokens based on Ethereum ERC-20 with a total supply of 396,396,396 BX. Users will get several benefits by holding this token such as reduce trading and withdrawal fees by 60% per cent, get access to Bancambios academy, and many other benefits. BX tokens can be obtained through supported exchanges.

In Conclusion

Bancambios is a platform that will provide financial solutions that are inclusive and dynamic for all users in the world. With the most advanced emerging technologies and inspired by people, Bancambios will provide a financial services umbrella with financial products that are modern and in accordance with user needs, which will facilitate and deliver financial services that are reliable, affordable, and available to everyone globally through a user-friendly interface.




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