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Appreciate Coin: The Crypto Coin to Say 'thank You' to Others.

By Top ICO | Topico | 26 Jul 2021

There are various ways that people usually do to be able to appreciate other people. Most people usually use the money to express their gratitude to someone who has helped them with a task or solved a problem. Usually, internet users send money to people who have helped them, either via PayPal or via gifts. But not only through these platforms, internet users are now also using cryptocurrency as their appreciation or donation to other users.


What is Appreciate Coin?

Appreciate Coin is a cryptocurrency that can be used by people as their appreciation to others. Appreciate Coin can be like a 'thank you' to others, users can send Appreciate Coin to the person they want, and then the recipient can exchange the Appreciate Coin they have earned to other cryptocurrencies on the exchange. Because as you know, nowadays many individuals or platforms help people with a problem or produce entertaining and motivating content, and sometimes we want to give them something of value and Appreciate Coin can be the solution. People can buy Appreciate Coins and then send them to others as tokens of their appreciation for helping or something else. Appreciate Coin is planned to be widely used in forums, blogs, open-source projects, and any other social communities or projects.

Since it is a cryptocurrency, users can deposit and receive these tokens into digital wallets that support BEP-20. Because it is based on BSC, transactions are faster and have lower costs, so users can send Appreciate Coins wherever they want without worrying about fees.


What features does Appreciate Coin provide?

Appreciate Coin aims to be a cryptocurrency that people can use as tokens of appreciation for various things. Because it is intended as an appreciation token, Appreciate Coin will be used the most in forums, blogs, open source projects, or on other platforms. So the Appreciate Coin team is optimistic that in the future Appreciate Coin will be used by many people around the world.

The following are the features provided by Appreciate Coin:

  • Will be widely used in the future: Appreciate Coin because it is based on cryptocurrency and is used in sectors such as forums or blogs, so there will be more use cases, which will increase the demand for Appreciate Coin.
  • Easier to trade: Appreciate Coin because it is an exotic coin, the demand for it will increase in the future. With the increasing demand for Appreciate Coin, Appreciate Coin trading will be easier.
  • Fixed supply: Appreciate Coin is launched with a fixed total supply, meaning the number of 2,200,000 coins will not increase.
  • Integration with other platforms: Appreciate Coin is planned to be integrated with other platforms. This makes it easier for people to use Appreciate Coin on platforms like WordPress and other blogs or social media.


How does the Appreciate Coin interface look like?

The interface of Appreciate Coin is not very user-friendly but responsive. Here the developer explains in detail what Appreciate Coin is and its features and advantages. And if users want to know more about Appreciate Coin, then they can see the whitepaper provided. Here the team also explains how to buy Appreciate Coin, so that users are not wrong and get scammed.


What is Appreciate Coin Token?

Appreciate Coin or abbreviated as APPR was launched with the main function as a utility token. APPR is based on the Binance BEP-20 with a maximum total supply of 2,200,000 APPR coins and will not increase. Users can use APPR tokens for various purposes such as sending it to others or they can use it for donations. If users are interested then they can buy APPR tokens via the token sale program.

In Conclusion

Appreciate Coin is a cryptocurrency that can be used as an appreciation token to others. Users can send Appreciate Coins to people who helped them in solving problems or helping them on projects as a thank you to them. In the future, with the wider distribution of Appreciate Coin, Appreciate Coin will be more widely used, especially in forums, blogs, open-source projects, and any other social communities or projects. And with this, it will affect the price of Appreciate Coin and benefit those who hold Appreciate Coin.




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