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The Most Popular Blockchain Games Of 2021

Earning money to play games has to be a lot of peoples dream. That dream is one the way to becoming a reality with the help of blockchain gaming. Today we're going to be taking a look at this years most popular blockchain games. Although not my favourites they are definitely doing something right.

1. Alien Worlds

First up is this years most popular blockchain game, which surged in popularity in late March with the launch of its TLM token on Binance. Alien Worlds, an idle miner, has since soured from 25,000 daily players (which was already an impressive amount) up to just over 100,000 players a day making it the most popular blockchain game by quite some way.

I think one of the biggest draws of Alien worlds is the fact that you can start completely free, there's no $500 NFT investment just to try the game out. All you need is a browser (Brave is my personal recommendation but if you're here you're probably already using it). You start out with some land and some basic tools. Over time you unlock more tools/land just by mining TLM which can then be traded on AtomicHub

2. Upland

Next up is one of the first blockchain games I actually played, Upland! Currently sitting at almost 25,000 daily players Upland's player base is steadily growing. Playable on both mobile through their app and browser. Allowing you to buy your very own chunk of virtual real estate is another game that requires no real initial investment. However, to unlock most of the features and to become a permanent resident of Upland you're required to have a net worth of 10,000 in game currency. This can take quite a while as a free player, although you do get a free 50-150 coins every day you login. and a starting balance of 5,000 to buy a started property.

3. Splinterlands

Last on the list but by no meals least is Splinterlands. A trading card game I think has a huge amount of potential, the main issue for me is the free to play experience is vastly inferior to the pay to play which isn't to say it's a bad thing it just isn't for everyone. People have the same issue with games like hearthstone, the only difference is your cards maintain a real world value. With almost 10,000 daily players, they are definietly doing something right. Although it's not on my daily gaming list I will definitely be keeping an eye on it.

Thank you so much for reading, I plan on covering some upcoming games in another post there are a few that I think have amazing potential.

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