My Top 10 Crypto Income Sources - August 2020

My Top 10 Crypto Income Sources - August 2020

Ladies & gents, boys and girls, welcome back to my Top 10 crypto income sources. Missed last month due to a hectic start to my new job and could not really put much effort in to earning crypto this last month, so no new entries. But some of my previous efforts are gaining in value nicely and I am still playing some of the games that don't require a lot of time to get the daily rewards.

So here goes, my updated Top 10 (profits made in 2020):


Number 1 - Blockfi/Nexo/Celsius (→0)


Profit: >$500 (BTC, ETH, XLM)

Still no beating the great interest rates you get on these sites if you hold a decent chunk of crypto. I decided to spread my risk a little more and am in the process of moving some of my BTC to Celsius. If any of these companies ever go bust then I will regret being so greedy, but for the moment I just can't resist these rates I'm getting at the time of writing:

  • BTC: 6% (Blockfi), 4.51% (Celsius)
  • ETH: 4.5% (Blockfi)
  • XLM: 5% (Nexo) (Holding 10% of the position value in NEXO, otherwise rate is 4%)

And here my referral links for all three (as of now I have 1 Blockfi referral):


Number 2 - Axie Infinity (5)


Profit: $492.60 (ETH Collectibles, SLP, DAI, DGX)

So I still hate this game, but just look at that profit :D Price of SLP has risen from like $0.004 to $0.05 at the time of writing and you can earn between 50 and 100 SLP a day doing the daily quests. Also the price of axies has risen nicely, the cheapest ones going for $17 at the time of writing. I've only played the game like once since beginning of August, but the assets I collected in the first half of the year are doing great for me. I also have a piece of arctic land, excited to see if that gains in value once land gameplay is released.

Check the game out here, you might regret it as it's annoying as hell, but you might also thank yourself in a few months if this really goes mainstream:


Number 3 - Swissborg (↑2)


Profit: $192.98 (CHSB, USD)

So this one surprised me. Been doing my daily predictions, started going all in and gambling 10k points a day on the forecasts and I've been doing great. I'm ranked 1'651 out of 153k at the moment, pays a measly $6.13, but if I make it into the top 1'000 that goes up to $30.66. But what really made me some nice profit is the badges I earned. For reach badge I got 50 CHSB and I was 1 badge away from getting into the hall of fame when I got the bad news.... Rewards for badges are being cut completely and the reward for hall of fame is being cut from 1000 CHSB to 250 :(

I gave my all last few days of the month and managed to get the 20 referrals needed for my entry into the hall of fame, cost me a few BAN though :D

So if anybody still wants to go for the 250 CHSB, here is my referral link (I have 21 referrals as of now). But to be honest it's really difficult to get all of the badges because of the 20 referrals needed:


Number 4 - Lost Relics (↓2)


Profit: $183.17 (ENJ Collectibles)

So Forgotten Artifacts went through a bit of an image change and is now called Lost Relics. There has also been some major updates, all my adventure stones have been converted to gold and you now pay a subscription fee instead of a fee per run. This makes is less interesting for me now, as I have hardly any time to play and I have not played since I started working again. But my assets seem to have gained in value so I will keep track of it and maybe dive back in at a later stage.

If you are in to diablo style dungeon crawlers where you can collect blockchain loot, check the game out here:


Number 5 - League of Kingdoms (↓2)


Profit: $160.71 (ETH Collectibles, DAI)

This is one of the few games I still try to play every day. My kingdom is coming on nicely, even though my troops keep getting slaughtered every kill event by some big boys who have like 10x my power. Important note though, my profit does not come from playing, but from the level 5 land I bought. It has produced around $9.80 in DAI since the game launched, but more importantly, it is being sold for around 0.57 ETH at the moment, which is a nice little profit on the $95 I invested.

Check out the game here if you wanna join the fun:


Number 6 - Dualmine (2)


Profit: $152.41 (BTC, ETH)

I have decided to withdraw my profit on this cloud mining site once it hits $200, which would mean I have doubled my investment. I wonder if I will be able to withdraw. Like always I want to warn you, I have not tried to withdraw any of my profit so I can not vouch for them yet.

Here my referral link if you want to give it a go (6 referrals as of today, but nobody made any orders so no influence on profit):


Number 7 - Gods Unchained (18)


Profit: $104.40 (ETH Collectibles)

I like this game, but I have not played it at all last month, it just takes too much time. The value of my card collection and the legendary chest I own have been gaining in value though, so this game jumped up a massive 18 places :D

If you have more time than me and enjoy card games a la Hearthstone where you actually own the cards you earn, sign up here:


Number 8 - Publish0x (↓2)


Profit: $43.68 (BAT, ETH, LRC)

Best crypto social media platform. Full stop.


Number 9 - 0xUniverse (2)


Profit: $39.43 (ETH Collectibles)

Due to high gas fees I have not been exploring for new planets for months now. The value of my planets have been rising nicely though, but in all honesty, I've never tried to sell one so I have no idea if anybody would actually buy them at current market prices :D

If you want to take a look at the game:


Number 10 - LBRY (↓6)


Profit: $34.41 (LBC)

So I still pop on here once a day and watch a few crypto videos, I like it. Rewards have been halved, you can earn between 0.5 and 50 LBC a day, chosen randomly. Usually it's 0.5 LBC but I got lucky once or twice, even got 50 LBC a few days ago.

If you are interested in this censorship free alternative to youtube where you can earn some crypto for viewing and creating content, check it out using my referral link (not sure anymore how many referrals I have, it shows 18 but I'm sure I have more as it was already 18 two months ago):


Adding everything else I have a balance or investment in down here for completeness, check out my previous posts for more details about sites that were previously in the Top 10:

  • 11(↑6) Splinterlands Very fun blockchain card game, top 10 next month? - Profit $23.63
  • 12(↑1) Brave Earn BAT while browsing - Profit $17.73
  • 13(↓3) Rising Star Idle brower game, earn Starbits while becoming a mega super star - Profit $15.85
  • 14(↓5) Blockchain Poker Play poker with your BTC, BCH - Profit $15.01
  • 15(↑1) Uptrennd Earn for posting and commenting - Profit $13.40
  • 16(↓4) Banano Many ways to earn Banano (mostly airdrops for me), black monkey game linked - Profit $13.32
  • 17(↓3) Prospectors Browser strategy game, trade, build, mine - Profit $1.44
  • 18(↓3) ATAIX Trading platform where you can vote for coins and earn - Profit $0.71
  • 19(↑1) Trybe Earn by posting, rating, commenting - Profit $0.39
  • 20(↓1) Stakecube Get and stake a tiny bit of free coins daily - Profit $0.36
  • 21(→0) Chain Clash Earn tiny amounts of EOS "fighting" other players (Referral code: iluvsheeeeep) - Profit $0.17
  • 22(→0) Sorare Blockchain Fantasy football - Profit $0.00
  • 23(→0) Pi Low effort free mobile mining (Referral code: iluvsheep) - Profit $0.00
  • 24(↑2) Hedgie Browser idle game - Loss -$4.12
  • 25(↓1) Exode Not really a game yet, but bought some cool cards, sounds promising - Loss -$6.00 
  • 26(↑1) Rollercoin Mining simulator with virtually no chance of making your money back :) - Loss -$19.21

Scrapped as you now only get rewarded for exclusive content.

Many thanks for reading if you made it this far. Have fun stacking those sats!


I love the idea of crypto currencies and decentralisation. And sheep.

Top 10 Crypto Income Sites
Top 10 Crypto Income Sites

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