Not Writing Enough in Photography Blogging (Wha?)

Photographing vs Writing

By tlutzenberger | Tom's Photo Corner | 21 Apr 2021

Anytime I start a blog I eventually get flak from someone that I'm not writing enough. And while that might be true in this latest version on photography, it doesn't mean I don't write. In fact, I probably write something near 35,000 words a week on average. I'm just sending that freelance writing content to clients who pay me far more than a blog does (call it selective delivery). However, when it comes to photography, I also don't think words are that essential on every post. In fact, it really should be about the topic, photography. So here's an assortment of shots I've taken trapped in my house or neighborhood playing around with different equipment since January until I got my vaccine shot.

Winter Tree Black & White St Francis Church

Camera on Table Beer Bottle Black & White

Two People Walking on a Path A Neighborhood Sunset

Rain Puddle on Cement Black & White Mail Box in Sepia Tone

Tree Lit Up at Night

Farm Field View High Noon Sun in Backyard

Older Pug Standing

For those who regularly view Noise.Cash, excuse some of the duplicates. Most of my immediate creations get posted there first. If you like what you see, want to see more as I shoot or you want to tip me with someone else's BCH, I won't mind. Trust me. Cheers!

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