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My shiba inu

By Alex9093 | Token My Shiba Inu | 5 Dec 2021

Hi guys,

I will talk you about a token that look like shiba inu, it is My shiba by binance smart chain.

Like we can see on the logo we have a shiba inu with sunglasses who holds two binance coins in its hands.

the design is exactly the same, but not the name but almost, it worth less than shiba inu but perhaps it worth a lot one day, I don't know really about that token, but you can win a lot amount of this token on a website.

here is in below my referral link to sign up you can win up 50% what I gain.

My referral link My shiba Inu :


you can Win tokens if make shortlink, watch ads, makes tasks , faucets and auto faucets.

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I think it will be sell on binanace soon, I do not know the project behind this token but it sounds enough interresting I do not kow how it will evolve in the future but if we can get free of this token why not ?

where you can be pay better is to do the tasks, you can win some millions of tokens in once.

You can withdraw 15000000 tokens minimum and just with the ads you can already win about 100000 Tokens, and have a trust wallet, Unfortunally you cannot directly to send them on your favorite exange platforms.

sometimes to win that token can be interresting especially if dosen't cost anything, you invest for free. 




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Hi everyone

Token My Shiba Inu
Token My Shiba Inu

Hy guys, In this blog I'll talk about tokens My shiba Inu by smart binance chanel, that's not shiba inu but the token's design is simillar , exactly the same it is a token what I know a few time and who worth less than shiba Inu what's it's future ? I don't know perheps a great potential , this token's price is very low , and you can win a lot in you can get them to watch add, make short link and a lot of task , here is my referal link :

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