Weekly Bitcoin dominance hinting of #Altseason?

By Spigfish | Todayincrypto | 12 Aug 2019

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Many would confirm the the bull market of bitcoin being here already for months now, everyone is waiting for the Altcoins to repeat the 2017 dominance bull market. 

So where are we when it comes to this?  
Many people are trying to catch the bottom and conveniently  lost a lot of Satoishi's, but the environment of Altcoiners are changeing out there. 
Rumors of big investors silently investing in Altcoin meanwhile retailers slowly become more and more Bitcoin maximalistic. 

Coindesk came out with the weekly dominance chart for bitcoin showing the possibility of it topping out at these levels. Consequently  the dominance level's being at the same or higher level as it was just before the 2017 Altcoin bull run, we might just see the Alts take over the show in the next few weeks. 

What do you think, will we get a new #Altseason? 


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